Infant Program: Overview


Our infant program offers families care for their children in very distinct ways as we recognize that each infant needs a primary relationship with their educator when their family is not with them.  Therefore we intentionally design primary relationships between families and educators prior to their first days at the Center with a home visit and the sharing of information.  As families join the Center infants and educators establish primary relationships when we feed, diaper, dress, and help bring rest to each child daily on their own schedule. The close proximity to the educators, the consistent and predictable practices, and the anticipation of needs met, allows our infants to calmly and independently play throughout their day.

When we offer infants opportunities to play without interruption and direction yet in the educator’s presence we recognize that infants become creative, self-motivated, and curious learners from their first months.  In the first years physical development is a paramount skill to master so infants are offered maximum freedom to move in their play space.  They also spend time outside daily in the play yard on blankets, in sand, on the grass, or sleeping in prams.  We value the benefits of fresh air, free play, and strong caring relationships.

Infant Program is home to eight infants (who will celebrate their first birthday after October of that year), and four educators who will hold two or three primary relationships with the children. Because the Center practices a continuity of care plan, many of these educators will travel to the next room with the infant group.