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Hazardous Waste Mangement Training

hazmat doorThe purpose of this training is to ensure your awareness of hazardous waste management procedures for the Bowdoin College Science Center.  Adherence to these procedures will help ensure compliance with Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Federal EPA regulations concerning the accumulation, labeling, handling, storage and disposal of regulated hazardous waste.

All faculty and staff persons working in research labs, instructional labs, or other waste-generating areas in Hatch, Kanbar, Druckenmiller and Cleaveland Hall (the Science Center) are required to manage  wastes in accordance with these guidelines. 

Your initial hazardous waste management training should be a live classroom or person-to-person session.  This on-line training is acceptable as an annual refresher course for those who have already had their initial training.chemistry bottles

If you have not yet had your initial training, contact the Science Center Lab Manager at Ext. 3162.

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