Summer Projects 2011

chem summer research group

2011 Chemistry Summer Research Group

Summer Support and Fellowships

College-wide fellowships (Surdna, Langbein, Coles Natural Science and Mathematics, Doherty; administered by the Faculty Resources Committee). More information about and application guidelines relating to these student fellowships is available at:

Departmental fellowships (James Stacy Coles Summer Research Fellowships in Chemistry and Biocemistry / Littlefield Research Fellowships); administered by the Chemistry Department.  Visit link above for more information and application.

For student applicants:
Please carefully review the elements needed for a complete application, as these have been revised since last year, and recognize that your proposal must be written in language that is accessible to the nonspecialist faculty who review the proposals.

For faculty sponsors:
Please note that your letter of recommendation should not include a description of the research project, but should include two elements: (1) An evaluation of the qualifications of the student for the proposed research and (2) A description of how you plan to oversee the proposed research.

Please direct questions to Elizabeth Stemmler, who is working with the Faculty Resources Committee to review student fellowship applications.

Finally, if you are interested in research at another institution, we post all of the advertisements we receive outside of the Chemistry Department office. You might also try the list of National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) programs.