Summer Projects 2010

The Broene Lab

The Broene Lab Group

  • Alex Carpenter '10
    8-Quinolyl-Tetramethylcyclopentadiene:  A Tailored Ligand for Cobalt Catalysis
  • Kaitlin Clifford '12
    The Synthesis of a Sterically Hindered Metallocene Catalyst
  • Katherine Rawden '12
    Synthesizing a Cobalt Catalyst to Dimerize Linear alpha-Olefins
  • Taylor Vozniak '12
    Synthesis of a Ligand for Cobalt Catalysis

The Christensen Lab

the christensen lab group

  • Alex Peacock-Villada '11
    Purification and Electronic Spectroscopy of Long Polyenes
  • Sam Steward '12
    Purification and Spectroscopy of Amphotericin B

The Dube Lab

the dube lab group

  • Paggard Champasa '11
    Metabolic Profiling of Helicobacter pylori Glycosylation
  • Max Nowicki '11
    Validating the Golgi two-hybrid assay's ability to study glycoprotein interactions
  • Bo Wang '11
    Synthesis of an azidosugar substrate to selectively label Helicobacter pylori's pseudaminic acid

The Nagle / Laurendeau Lab

the laurendeau lab group

  • Craig Comen '12, Ginger Leone '11, and Phil Langley '11
    Flame Synthesis of Metal Oxides

The Nagle Lab

chai in nagle lab

  • Chai Kaewsapsak '12
    Experimental and Compuational Studies of [Ru(bpy)3]2+ and Related Rull-Bis-triazine Photocatalysts

The Stemmler Lab

the stemmler lab group

  • Audrey Bergeron '12
    Localization and function of crustacean AST-C:  A mass spectrometric and physiological study using the Jonah crab, Cancer borealis
  • Ervin La'Shaye '12
    The Chemical Characterization of Woody Biomass-Derived Pyrolysis Oils
  • Sarah Luppino '10
    Peptide Fragmentations in Mass Spectrometry:  The Role of C-terminal Basic Amino Acid Residues
  • Ta-Hsuan Ong '10
    Characterization of Pyrolysis Oil:  Fractionation and Analysis by GC/MS and MALDI-FTMS
  • Jung Gun Song '11
    Developing a Microscale Chemical Technique to Quantify Neuropeptides in Homarus americanus
  • Abby Suresh '12
    Developing a Microscale Chemical Technique to Selectively Identify Disulfide Bonded Neuropeptides in Crustaceans

The Vasudevan Lab

the vasudevan lab group

  • Teresa Arey '11
    The Effect of the Pi-Cation Interaction on the Sorption of Cationic Amines to Aluminosilicates
  • Andrew Cardamone '11
    Phosphate Source-Sink Dynamics in the Androscoggin River
  • Allie Dupont '12
    Investigating the non-linearity in aniline sorption to montmorillonite
  • Tina Zhang '11
    Investigation of zwitterion sorption to montmorillonite