2001-2005 Honors Recipients

Chemistry and Biochemistry Honors and Independent Study Projects Supervised by Chemistry Faculty (2004-2005)

Chris AdermanChris Aderman '05
"Enantioselective Conjugate Additions Using a Peptide Catalyst."
Advisor: Brian Linton

Charles Ashley '05
"Synthesis and Purification of Linear Polyenes for Optical Spectroscopy."

Andrew Berical '05
"The Photoassisted Oxidation of Water Using Hgll or Tllll with a Pt Dimer."

Anthony Costa '05
"Internal Hydrogen Bonding and Secondary Structure Considerations on the Formation and Fragmentation of b-Type lons."

Jocelyn Foulke '05
"Investigation Factors Leading to Irreversible Folding of Myoglobin in Sol- Gel Matrices."

Noah Gardner '05
"Extraction and Analysis of Neuropeptides in Lobsters" by MALDI- FTMS."
Noah Gardner '05Matrix assisted laser/desorption ionization (MALDI) Fourier transform mass spectrometry (FTMS) has been used to study the neuropeptide distributions in nerve cells from the stomatogastric nervous system (STNS) of the Maine lobster, Homarus americanus.  Previous studies were conducted using direct tissue analysis involving peptide extraction on the face of the ionization surface.  In this study, a microextraction and delipidation procedure was designed to improve signal intensity and remove contaminants (phospholipids and salts).  Two different microextraction and delipidation procedures were attempted during the course of the project.  The second procedure, which used a tissue extraction solvent of methanol, nanopure water and acetic acid and a delipidation solvent of chloroform, resulted in efficient extraction of neuropeptides from both the sinus gland of H. americanus and the pericardial organ of Pugettia producta. Analysis of one-twentieth of the total extract resulted in spectra with signal-to-noise ratios comparable to or better than direct tissue spectra.  Permethylation reactions conducted on dried extracts showed a reduction in Asp-Xxx cleavages, which were abundant in direct tissue and extract spectra.  The permethylated extracts showed a complete permethylation of all known neuropeptides in the H. americanus sinus gland.

John Haines '05
"Synthesis of Ferrocene Based Enantioselective Lanthanide Sulfonamide Catalyst."

Adam Kinney '05
"The Photoassisted Redox-Disproportionation of Methanol to Formaldehyde and Molecular Hydrogen."

Emma Leonard '05
"Constrained Protein Folding: Myoglobin in Sol-Gel Glasses."

Tapan Mehta '05,
"Use of the Comet Assay to Identify Pollutant-Stressed Mussels (Mytilus edulis) in the Field."

Andrew Parsons '05
"The Synthesis of a Stereoselective Catalyst with Ferrocenyl Imidazolium Carbene Ligands."

Heather Provencher '05
"A comparative Study of Neuropeptides in Homarus americanus and Panulirus interruptis using MALDI-FTMS."


Abir Biswas '01 (Honors Project with Professors Page and Laine) "Using Chemical and Physical Measurements in a Stratified Sediment Core to Make Inferences About Past Human Activity in the New Meadows River Area"

Ha-Yeon Cheong '01 (Independent Study Project with Professor Abu-Hasanayn) "Quantum Chemical Investigation of the Kinetics and Thermodynamics of CO Dissociation from h5-LM(CO)3X (M = Mo, W; L=Cyclopentadienyl, Indenyl; X=halogen)"

Darcy Corson '01 (Independent Study Project with Professor Peterson) "Sol-gels and Their Utility in Isolating Transient Intermediate Protein Structures: Characterization of Myoglobin Conformational Substrates"

Rosanne Marie DeMaio '01 (Honors Project with Professor Peterson) "Sol-Gel Encapsulation of Proteins"

Heather Erin English '01 (Honor Project with Professor Linton) "Modeling Antiparallel b-Sheet Peptides through the Use of an Internal Cyclohexane Tether"

David MacDonald '02 (Independent Study Project with Professor Page and the Maine State Police Forensic Chemistry Laboratory in Augusta) "Analyzing fire debris residues for hydrocarbon accelerants by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry">

John Meyers '02 (Independent Study Project with Professor Christensen) "Conformational Disorder in Polyenes"

Anne Christine Powell '01 (Honors Project with Professor Page) "The Combined Effects of Anaerobiosis and Tributyltim on the Energy Metabolism of the Blue Mussel, Mytilus edulis"

Matthew Stanton '02 (Independent Study Project with Professor Broene) "Zirconium-stabilized Benzyne Routes to Sterically Biased BisIndenyl Ethane Derivatives"

Lindsay Tethal '02 (Independent Study Project with Professor Linton) "Highly Flexible Beta-Sheet Peptidomimetics."

Erik David Woodbury '01 (Honors Project with Professor Broene) "The Synthesis of C2-Symmetric Lathanocene Catalysts from the Zirconium-Mediated Coupling of Two Alkynes"

Eri Matsuhisa Yoshida '01 (Honors Project with Professor Broene) "Synthesis of C2-Symmetric Ansa Lanthanocenes"