Letters of Recommendation

The faculty welcome the opportunity to write letters of recommendation for their students. To help faculty write a strong reference and ensure that it is finished in a timely fashion, please follow these guidelines when requesting a recommendation.

1. Do NOT leave a request for a recommendation in a faculty member’s mailbox a few days before the deadline.

2. Make an appointment to talk with the faculty member writing your recommendation well in advance of the recommendation deadline .

3. Bring to this appointment:- recommendation form(s) on which you have completed the sections that you, the applicant, should complete (don’t forget the waiver section!)

  • a written program description (or job description, if for an employment
  • addressed and stamped envelopes (if the reference needs to be mailed, rather than picked up by you)
  • If the recommendations(s) are to be submitted online, in addition to written program description(s), please provide the website link(s) or email address(es) of interest.
  • If you are asking for multiple recommendations, please provide an excel worksheet or master list that has all the programs and deadlines listed.