Curriculum and Requirements

Students majoring in Chemistry can meet their major requirements by completing courses in the core curriculum and selecting additional electives within a single area of concentration (listed below).  These areas of concentration recognize the increasing number of ways that chemists provide an atomic and molecular perspective that is essential to interdisciplinary scientific research and teaching.

Areas of concentration within the Chemistry major include:

  • Chemical Concentration (for a standard or ACS certified major)
  • Educational Concentration
  • Enviromental Concentration
  • Geochemical Concentration
  • Neurochemical Concentration

Chemistry Major: Curriculum and Requirements

Chemistry also offers the following interdisciplinary or coordinate majors in collaboration with other Bowdoin departments:

  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry/Enviromentatl Studies
  • Chemical Physics 

 Additional Major Information

These majors provide rigorous pre-professional training for many career paths including the profession of Chemistry, graduate studies in the sciences, medicine, secondary school teaching and many fields in the business world.

Student Representatives

Contact Emily Murphy in the Chemistry Department to get the names of our current student representatives. They would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the Chemistry major.