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Grants Awarded 2011-2012

Date Awarded Funder Proposal Title Investigator / contact
5/31/2012 Research Corporation Synthesis of Peptoid/Thiopeptoid Hybrids as Polyproline Type II Helix Mimics Gorske, Benjamin
5/29/2012 German Information Center USA Think Transatlantic: The United States and Germany in the 21st Century Week Smith, Jill
5/15/2012 Bank of America Museum of Art: William Wegman: Hello Nature Salatino, Kevin
5/8/2012 U.S. Department of Education Upward Bound Mullen, Bridget
4/30/2012 Fulbright The History of South African Higher Education; Teacher Education in Contemporary South Africa Dorn, Charles
4/27/2012 Oak Foundation USA Traditional Knowledge and Science in Political Context: Indigenous Perspectives on Co-management in Alaska Kaplan, Susan
4/17/2012 The Nightingale Code Foundation Museum of Art: William Wegman: Hello  Nature Salatino, Kevin
4/3/2012 National Science Foundation RUI: Coordinated Modulation of a Multi-Layered Neuromuscular System Dickinson, Patsy
3/12/2012 Davis United World College Projects for Peace: Classrooms for Peace Spooner, Dighton
3/1/2012 National Institutes of Health RO1: Renewal: Genome Integrity in Candida Albicans Forche, Anja
3/1/2012 Ford Foundation Fellowship Casselberry, Judith
2/27/2012 National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration John H. Prescott Marine Mammal Rescue Assistance Grant  Program Gannon, Damon
2/21/2012 National Science Foundation TUES: Assessing and Evaluating Student Achievement Gaze, Eric
1/18/2012 National Council of Eurasian and East European Research National Interest and Transnational Governance: Russia's Changing Environmental Policy Henry, Laura
1/12/2012 National Science Foundation CAREER: Bridging the Semantic Gap in Visualization-based Security Solutions via Collaboration between Guest OS and Virtual Machine Oliveira, Daniela
1/9/2012 National Science Foundation RUI: Renewal: Cell Wall Associated Protein Kinases as Pectin Receptors Kohorn, Bruce
1/5/2012 Roy A. Hunt Foundation After Atget: Todd Webb Photographs New York and Paris Salatino, Kevin
1/1/2012 National Science Foundation EAR: Earth Sciences Post Doc Fellowship Peterman, Emily
11/18/2011 The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation Chorus Programs Antolini, Anthony
11/16/2011 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Musuem of Art: Endowment Challenge: Collections Curator and Academic Program Coordinator Position Salatino, Kevin
11/7/2011 U.S. Department of Energy EPSCoR: Renewal: Thermal Conversion of Woody Biomass to Fuels and Chemicals Stemmler, Elizabeth
10/17/2011 American Chemical Soceity Ligands of the Cobalt-Catalyzed Dimerization of Alpha Olefins Broene, Richard
9/28/2011 Kane Lodge Foundation, Inc. The Walter E. Ekblaw Crocker Land Collection Kaplan, Susan
9/21/2011 The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation Annual Support for the Women's Resource Center Jordan, Marianne
9/7/2011 National Science Foundation RUI: Coordinated Modulation of a Multi-Layers Neuromuscular System Dickinson, Patsy
9/1/2011 Maine Space Grant Consortium Grant Agreement No. SG-12-18 Stocks, Cindy
8/26/2011 State of Maine Office of Substance Abuse: Maine's Higher Education Alcohol Prevention Partnership Foster, Timothy
8/26/2011 National Science Foundation RUI: Collaborative: Sensitivity of Circum-Arctic Peatland Carbon to Holocene Warm Climates and Climate Sea Change Camill, Phil
8/25/2011 National Science Foundation RUI: Metric and Topological Properties of Self-Similar Groups Taback, Jennifer
8/24/2011 National Science Foundation RUI: Supersymmetric Gauge Theory and String Theory Naculich, Stephen
8/9/2011 Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Support for Environmental Programs Jordan, Marianne
8/3/2011 Forest Foundation McKeen Center for the Common Good: Summer 2011 Interns Dorn, Susan
7/22/2011 National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Stemmler, Elizabeth
7/11/2011 Maine Campus Compact FAME Faculty Fellowship Grant Santoro, Doris