Location: Bowdoin / CFR / Grants Received / 08-2009

Grants Awarded 2008-2009

Date Awarded Funder Proposal Title Investigator / contact
4/22/09 American Council of Learned Societies Conference Grants in East European Studies Ghodsee, Kristen
4/20/09 Federal Republic of Germany Freedom Without Walls Campus Week Project Tautz, Birgit
4/15/09 New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Bowdoin Chorus Tour Antolini, Anthony
4/1/2009 Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fellowship Foster, Mark
4/1/2009 National Endowment for the Humanities NEH Summer Stipend Chiang, Connie
3/12/09 Fulbright-Faculty Research Fellowship Fulbright Junior Research: Self-Conscious Commodities: Literacy, Cultural, and Social Discourses on Prostitution in Berlin, 1880-1933 Smith, Jill
Annual for 3 yrs to 2010 Corp. for National & Comm. Srv. Learn and Serve through Princeton Dorn, Susie
12/11/2008 National Endowment for the Humanities Defying Orthodoxy: Faith, Authority, and Identity under Russian and Soviet Rule 1894-Present Herrlinger, Page
11/9/2008 The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation Bowdoin Chorus Tour Antolini, Anthony
7/28/2008 National Science Foundation Resubmission: BCS: Political Consequences of Below Replacement Fertility Rate in Contemporary Bulgaria Ghodsee, Kristen
7/10/2010 Clare Booth Luce Program Research Awards for Undergraduate Women Students in the Physical Sciences Judd, Cristle, Jordan, Marianne
5/18/2009 Teagle Assessing Quantitative Reasoning Curricula with Bates Jennings, Nancy
5/1/2009 Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Environmental Studies Jordan, Marianne
4/25/2009 Gramercy Park Foundation, Inc. Art acquisition for the Museum ("The Image Wrought: Historical Photographic Approaches in the Digital Age") Jordan, Marianne
4/20/2009 Davis United World College Projects for Peace - Summer 2009 Jordan, Marianne
3/20/2009 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation President's Arts and Lectures Fund Mills, Barry
2/9/2009 Arthur Vining Davis Foundation Sidney J. Watson Ice Hockey Arena Mills, Barry
12/16/2008 Abbot and Dorothy H. Stevens Foundation Additional Scholarship Fund for Merrimack Valley Students Jordan, Marianne
11/21/2008 Davis United World College Davis United World Scholars Program for 2008-2009 Academic year and Admissions Outreach Meiklejohn, Scott
10/2/2008 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Challenge Grant: Enhanced Sabbatical Leaves Judd, Cristle
9/25/2008 The William Bingham Foundation Supporting Green Initiatives at Bowdoin College Jordan, Marianne
9/17/2008 The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation Annual Support for the Women's Resource Center Torrey, William
9/16/2008 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Andrew W. Mellon Consortial Assessment Project Judd, Cristle
7/23/2008 The Freeman Foundation Freeman Undergraduate Asian Studies Funding Initiative II: Asian Economies Macroeconomist Judd, Cristle
5/1/2009 NIH Transfer from University of Minnesota Genome Integrity in Caudida Albicaus Forche, Anja
5/11/2009 Aldebaran Robotics Robocup Chown, Eric
5/21/2009 National Institutes of Health INBRE: Renewal Application Dickinson, Patsy
4/16/2009 Research Corporation Multiplex Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy of Optically Trapped Aerosols to Study Oxidation and Growth Mechanisms Voss, Laura
1/29/09 Merck & Company Inc. Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Science Research Program Patsy Dickinson
1/27/09 National Science Foundation Transfer from Carleton-Collaborative Research: RUI Landscape-Level on Terrestrial, Aquatic, and Wetland Responses to Climate Change in the Southern Canadian Artic Camill, Phil
1/1/2009 National Science Foundation RUI: Rapid Effects of Sex Steroids on Visual Processes Related to Social Communication. Thompson, Rick
11/7/2008 Research Corporation Cottrell Science Grant Dube, Danielle
10/1/2008 National Science Foundation RUI: Numerical Simulations of Neutron Stars, Black Holes and Gravitational Radiation Baumgarte, Thomas
10/1/2008 National Science Foundation RUI: Supersymmetric gauge theory and Dirichlet-branes Naculich, Stephen
9/16/2008 National Science Foundation Collaborative: Creating a Climate Math Web Portal Zeeman, Mary Lou
9/11/2008 National Science Foundation OPUS: RUI: Long-term Studies of an Island Bird Population: Vertebrate Ecology Across Generations Wheelwright, Nathaniel
9/11/2008 National Science Foundation Collaborative: Computational Sustainability: Computational Methods for a Sustainable Environment, Economy and Society Neuroscience (CRCNS) Zeeman, Mary Lou
9/5/2008 National Science Foundation RUI: Soil Carbon Sequestration and Turnover After 12 Years of CO2 Fertilization at the Duke Forest FAE experiment Lichter, John
8/25/2008 National Aeronautics and Space Admin. Remote Assessment of Algal Functional Groups in the Absence of Extreme Blooms: Application to Alexandrium fundyense in the Gulf of Maine Laine, Edward
7/29/2008 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Support of the Bowdoin Robocup Team Chown, Eric
4/3/2009 Oak Foundaton Summer Internship Kaplan, Susan
3/1/2009 Stanford Fellowship-Center for the Advanced Study of Behavioral Sciences Program (CASBS) Forgotten Refugees Ballinger, Pam
3/1/2009 Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship Forgotten Refugees Ballinger, Pam
10/15/2008 The Edgard & Geraldine Feder Foundation Unsolicited Peary-MacMillian Arctic Museum Kaplan, Susan
10/13/2008 Kane Lodge Foundation Inc. North Pole Anniversary Events Kaplan, Susan