Location: Bowdoin / CFR / Grants Received / 2003-04

Grants Awarded 2005-06

Date Awarded PI Names(s) Funder Proposal Title
08/01/05 Keisha Payson State of Maine MPUC:Efficiency Maine
08/04/05 Ron Christensen National Science Foundation Intergovernmental Personnel Act Grant
08/15/05 Stephen Joyce Alice S. Ayling Scholarship Foundation 2005 Fall Student Financial Aid
08/16/05 Stephen Joyce The Charles Irwin Travelli Fund 2005 Fall Term Annual Scholarship Support
08/23/05 Anne Henshaw National Science Foundation FSML: Constructing a Pier: Enhancing Faculty-Student Research and Institutional Collaborations at the Coastal Studies Center, Bowdoin College
08/25/05 Edward Laine National Science Foundation MRI: An Oceanographic Buoy for Multidisciplinary Research in a Coastal Embayment Prone to Harmful Algal Blooms (2005)
08/26/05 Mark Battle National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Firn Structure, Interstitial Processes and the Composition of Firn Air at Summit, Greenland
08/26/05 Guillermo Herrera National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Spatial Theory for Renewable Resource Economics
08/29/05 Susan Dorn James & Rebecca Morgan Family Foundation CSRC Bridge Funding
09/01/05 Anne Henshaw National Science Foundation ITEST: Community for Rural Education
09/23/05 Marianne Jordan The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation CBB Faculty Career Enhancement Program
09/26/05 Katherine Kline; Marianne Jordan Samuel H. Kress Foundation European Art in Context Program: Beauty and Duty: The Art and Business of Renaissance Marriage
09/27/05 Kristen Ghodsee National Council of Eurasian and East European Research The Miniskirt or the Veil? Bulgarian Muslim Women Resisting Islamic Fundamentalism
09/28/05 Susan Kaplan Kane Lodge Foundation How Peary Reached the Pole: Re-publication of Donald B. MacMillan's Book and Reconstruction of his Illustrated Lecture
10/07/05 Anne Henshaw Dead River Company CSC - Middle School Science Educators
10/27/05 Susan Dorn Maine Campus Compact Community Partnership Project Sub-Grant
11/07/05 David Page ExxonMobil Foundation 2005-2006 Oil Spill Effects Studies
11/09/05 Anthony Antolini The Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation Bowdoin Chorus' March 2006 California Tour
11/10/05 Marianne Jordan Davis United World College 2005-2005 Incentive Grants
11/15/05 Nathaniel Wheelwright Davis Conservation Foundation Protecting Kent Island's Forests and Seabird Nesting Habitat by Eradicating Snowshoe Hares, an Introduced Herbivore
11/18/05 Katherine Kline; Marianne Jordan The Henry Luce Foundation Inc. Reinstallation and Reinterpretation of American Art Collections
11/21/05 Susan Dorn Maine Campus Compact MCC Renewal & Serve 05-06 Grant Renewal
12/05/05 Carey Phillips National Institutes of Health RO1: (sub-contracted through U/Tennessee) The Human Brain Project (Neuroinformatics) Phase I & II
12/12/05 De-nin Lee Institute of International Education Council for International Exchange of Scholars Fulbright Program: Peripheral Visions: Art of China's Long Tenth Century
12/15/05 William Torrey; Marianne Jordan Parker Poe Charitable Trust Walker Art Museum Renovation
12/19/05 Christine Finneran; Sue O'Dell National Insttitute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE) Campus Wide GIS at Liberal Arts Institutions
01/23/06 Rachel Beane National Aeronautics and Space Administration EPSCoR Collaborative Seed Grant "Martian Meteorites"
01/23/06 De-nin Lee National Endowment for the Humanities Texts on Images: The Social and Cultural Lives of Chinese Paintings
01/26/06 Stephen Joyce The Charles Irwin Travelli Fund 2006 Spring Term Annual Scholarship Support
01/26/06 Stephen Joyce Alice S. Ayling Scholarship Foundation 2006 Spring Student Scholarship
02/02/06 Marianne Jordan Charles R. Niehaus Fund Renovation of Curtis Pool into a Concert Hall
02/14/06 Stephen Joyce The Charles Irwin Travelli Fund 2006 Spring Term Additional Annual Scholarship Support
03/16/06 Eric Chown FairChild Semiconductor Corporation Support of the Bowdoin Robocup Team
03/23/06 Delmar Small New England Foundation for the Arts Bala Music and Dance Presentation
03/27/06 Patsy Dickinson; Nancy Jennings; Craig McEwen Spencer Foundation Forum for Excellence in Higher Education: Support Academic Innovation and Assessment at Bowdoin College
04/07/06 Sherrie Bergman Soref Advancement Initiative Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
04/17/06 Allen Wells John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Tropical Zion: General Trujillo, FDR and the Jews of Sosua
04/18/06 Bruce Kohorn National Science Foundation RUI: Cell Wall Associated Protein Kinases
04/27/06 Susan Dorn Maine Campus Compact VISTA: Bowdoin College Americorps * VISTA Host Campus Application (third year of 3 year cycle)
05/02/06 Seth Ramus National Institutes of Health AREA Grant: Interactions Between the Parahippocampal Region and the Orbitofrontal Cortex During Storage of Long-term Memory
06/06/06 Genevieve LeMoine National Geographic Society Inglefield Land Archaeology Project, Culture Contact and Human Ecology at the Entrance to Greenland
06/09/06 Katherine Kline National Endowment for Humanities Preserving Bowdoin's Humanities Collections
06/15/06 Anthony Antolini The Seth Sprague Educational Charitable Foundation Bowdoin Chorus Activities: Support of Orchestral Needs of the Bowdoin Chorus