Location: Bowdoin / CFR / Grants Received / 2003-04

Grants Awarded 2004-05

Date Awarded PI Names(s) Funder Proposal Title
07/07/04 Patsy Dickinson National Institutes of Health INBRE: Comparative Functional Genomics
07/12/04 Jennifer Taback National Science Foundation REU Supplement: Quasi-Isometric Regidity, Convesity Properties and Thompson's Group
07/12/04 Michael Veilleux State of Maine Maine Public Utilities Commission: Efficiency Maine
07/16/04 Richmond Thompson National Science Foundation RUI: Vasotocin Mechanisms Controlling Social Behavior
07/20/04 Dharni Vasudevan U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Factors Controlling Veterinary Antibiotic Sorption to Soils (Univ. of Conn. Subcontract)
07/22/04 Susan Kaplan Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum Loan Network: Loan of 15 Ethnographic Objects for Inghuit Exhibit
08/04/04 Stephen Joyce The Charles Irwin Travelli Fund 2004 Fall Term Annual Scholarship Support
08/04/04 Stephen Joyce Alice S. Ayling Scholarship Foundation 2004 Fall Student Financial Aid
08/10/04 Dharni Vasudevan National Science Foundation Pharmaceutical Sorption to Model Components (Univ. of Conn. Subcontract)
08/26/04 David Page ExxonMobil Foundation 2004-2005 Oil Spill Effects Studies
09/08/04 Marianne Jordan; Anne Henshaw The Dean L. Fisher Charitable Foundation Construction of Dock at The Coastal Studies Center
09/14/04 Marianne Jordan The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation Annual Support
09/14/04 Patsy Dickinson; Hadley Wilson Horch The Grass Foundation Adding Modules Using the Drososphila Nervous System
09/20/04 Zorina Khan National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. 2004 Griliches Fellowship
09/28/04 Susie Dorn Forest Foundation Community Service at Bowdoin
09/28/04 Susan Kaplan Kane Lodge Foundation, Inc. Recovery and Transfer of Historic Wire and Tape Recordings
10/08/04 Susie Dorn Maine Campus Compact Learn & Serve 2004-2005 Grant Renewal
10/25/04 John Norton; Marianne Jordan Lee and Lawrence J. Ramer Family Foundation Construction of Dock at The Coastal Studies Center
10/27/04 Susan Kaplan The Edgard & Geraldine Feder Foundation, Inc. Support for the Arctic Museum
11/08/04 Stephen Joyce The Charles Irwin Travelli Fund 2005 Spring Term Annual Scholarship Support
11/09/04 Barry Mills The Bernard Osher Foundation Endowed Scholarship Support
11/18/04 Anthony Antolini The Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation Bowdoin Chorus March 2006 California Tour
12/15/04 James Miller Davis United World College 2004-2005 Incentive Grants
12/21/04 Barry Mills The Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation Walker Art Museum Renovation
12/21/04 Anne Henshaw; Marianne Jordan The Henry L. & Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation, Inc. Doherty Visiting Scholars Program
12/22/04 John Lichter; Marianne Jordan The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Mellon ES: Education for Global Citizenship
01/10/05 Barry Logan U.S. Department of Agriculture NRI: Acquisition of a Licor 6400 Gas Exchange Analyzer
02/11/05 Elizabeth Stemmler; Dharni Vasudevan Merck & Company, Inc. Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Science Research Program
02/14/05 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation... Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship
02/15/05 Amy Johnson Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation 2005 Beckman Scholars Program
03/10/05 Marianne Jordan Davis Family Foundation Art Museum Renovation
03/16/05 Thomas Baumgarte National Science Foundation RUI: Numerical Simulations of Neutron Stars, Black Holes and Gravitational Radiation
04/10/05 Thomas Conlan; Sherrie Bergman United States Japan Foundation Libary Support Program 2005-2006
04/28/05 Joshua Kempner National Aeronautics and Space Administration Radio Relics and Merger Shocks in Clusters of Galaxies, Cycle 5 (through SAO)
05/09/05 Richmond Thompson National Science Foundation REU Supplement: RUI Vasotocin Mechanisms Controlling Social Behavior
05/09/05 Randolph Stakeman The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Video Documentary of MMUF Program
05/17/05 Pamela Fletcher The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation NITLE Project: Student Immersion/Faculty Focus Workshop
05/18/05 Mark Battle National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Gases in Firn Air and Shallow Ice at the Proposed WAIS Divide Drilling Site
05/20/05 Marianne Jordan The Teagle Foundation Consortium Assessment of Educational Practices and Students Learning in Selective Liberal Arts Colleges
06/01/05 Rachel Connelly W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research The Role of Caregiving in Mothers' Time Use: Recent Evidence from the the New American Time Use Survey
06/08/05 Anne Henshaw; Marianne Jordan Libra Foundation Coastal Science Institute for Middle School
06/15/05 Lindsay Whitlow Sea Grant Program Assessment of Nursery Habitats within Casco Bay
06/22/05 Stephen Naculich National Science Foundation RUI Supersymmetric Gauge Theory and Dirichlet-Branes