Location: Bowdoin / CFR / Grants Received / 2002-03

Grants Awarded 2002-2003

Date Awarded PI Names(s) Funder Proposal Title
07/01/02 Marianne Jordan Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Annual Scholarship
07/02/02 Nancy Riley Henry Luce Foundation Asian Diaspora Studies
07/25/02 Richmond Thompson NSF-SGER Supplement to Vasotinergic Mechs. Associated w/Control of Social Behavior
07/26/02 Patricia Saunders Ford Foundation Caribbean Culture & Market Values in the Age of Globalization
08/05/02 Stephen Joyce Travelli Fund Annual Scholarship Supp. Fall 2002
08/20/02 Seth Ramus The Grass Foundation Acquisition of a Dual Microscope & Digital Camera
09/10/02 n/a Nancy Sayles Day Foundation Robert Beckwith Chair of Music
09/17/02 Stephen Naculich NSF-RUI Supersymmetric Gauge Theory and Dirichlet-branes
09/26/02 Lydia Bell C.H.E.S.P. (Maine Campus Compact) Problem-Based Serv. Learning
09/28/02 Susan Kaplan Kane Lodge Preservation & Exhibition of Photographic Record of Bluie West One: A World War II Air Base in Narssarssuaq, Greenland
10/08/02 David Page Exxon Mobil Oil Spill Effect Studies
10/10/02 Craig Bradley, Craig McEwen Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Residential Life
10/30/02 James Miller Davis UWC Davis UWC Incent. Grant-supp. Creative admissions & fund-raising initiatives
11/20/02 Marianne Jordan Fulfillment Fund Scholarship Support
12/16/02 Craig McEwen, Christine Cote Davis Education Foundation Assessment-Reflective Teaching at Bowdoin
01/02/03 Marianne Jordan Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust Kanbar Hall
01/15/03 Stephen Joyce Alice S. Ayling Scholarship Foundation Student Financial Aid
01/27/03 Stephen Joyce Travelli Fund Annual Scholarship Support/2003 Spring Term
02/05/03 John Lichter, Beth Stemmler NSF-RUI Soil Carbon Sequestration & Turnover After Six Years of CO2 Fumigation at the Duke Forest FACE Equipment