Location: Bowdoin / CFR / Grants Received / 2001-02

Grants Awarded 2001-2002

Date Awarded PI Names(s) Funder Proposal Title
07/24/01 Thomas Baumgarte NSF-RUI Numerical Simulations of Neutron Stars, Black Holes & Gravitational Radiation
08/01/01 Patsy Dickinson Rick Thompson Maine Biomed. Research Fund Purchase of confocal microscope
08/22/01 Joseph Bandy NSF Laboring Against Liberalization in North America: Emerging Coalitions between U.S. & Mexican Unions
08/23/01 Patsy Dickinson NSF-RUI Role of Multiple Modulators in a Small Neural System: A Comparative Approach
08/27/01 Rick Broene American Chemical Society Convergent Synthesis of Highly Substituted, Tethered Cp Ligands and their use in Lanthanocene Catalyzed Reactions
08/27/01 Beth Stemmler American Chemical Society The Characterization of Products of O Reactions w/Esters & a Study of Radical Anion Reactions with O2
09/01/01 Beth Stemmler


Acquisition of MALDI/FT-ICR mass spectrometer for multi-disciplinary research
09/01/01 Greg Teegarden NOAA-ECOHAB (Bowdoin sub-recipient of 3 yr. URI award The Role of Zooplankton Grazers in Harmful Algal Bloom Dynamics
09/10/01 Michael Palopoli NSF-RUI Evolutionary Genetics of Sexual Conflict in Caenorhabditis
10/01/01 Stephen Joyce MELMAC Ed. Fdn. Student Fin. Aid
10/15/01 Nancy Jennings with Steve Swidler (U. of NE) and Chris Kolbia (U. of VT) Spencer Foundation (Bowdoin sub-recipient of) "The place of 'Place' in State-Level Instructional Reform: Vermont's Revised Standards"
10/29/01 James Miller Davis UWC (Armand Hammer) Davis UWC Incent. Grant-supp. Creative admissions & fund-raising initiatives
11/01/01 Eric Peterson Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award Protein Folding Dynamics: Characteristics of Intermediates w/sol-get trapping & Time-resolved Ramaan & T-jump-Spect.
11/01/01 Thomas Baumgarte NSF (Bowdoin sub-recipient) Coalescence of Binary Black Holes & Neutron Stars: Computational Contribs. to LIGO (transfer of grant money)
11/07/01 Edward Laine Friends of Casco Bay Bayscaping Project (Bowdoin sub-recip. of $13,500 award to FOCB from Environ. Defense Fund)
11/28/01 Susan Kaplan LLWW Foundation Acquisition of Artwork by Walton Ford, "Ornithomancy No. 3"
12/06/01 Mary Hunter, Tony Antolini Seth Sprague Music-Concert Tour to Russia - 2002
12/21/01 Craig McEwen, Claire Allum A.W. Mellon Foundation CBB III (Study Away). Project Management & Student Recruitment - additional 3 yrs. Support
12/22/01 Craig McEwen, Nancy Riley, Kidder Smith Freeman Foundation Strengthening & Broadening Asian Studies at Bowdoin College
01/30/02 Bruce Kohorn NSF (Trans. Duke to Bowdoin) Cell Wall Associated Protein Kinases
02/01/02 Katy Kline NEA The Disembodied Spirit
02/11/02 Susan Kaplan Kane Lodge Preserv. of Donald B. MacMillan's Lecture Films-Arctic Museum
02/21/02 Rachel Beane NSF-CCLI Integrating research with undergraduate education through a petrotectonic study of Casco Bay, Maine
03/15/02 Pamela Ballinger NCEEER Selling Croatia: Paradoxes of Post-Socialist Tourism & Prospects for Econom. & Political Reconstruction
04/01/02 Stephen Joyce Edgecomb Fdn. Annual Financial Aid
04/15/02 Barbara Weiden Liguria Study Center Bogliasco Fellowship Program-31 days in Bogliasco Italy to pursue advanced creative work or scholarly research
04/24/02 Nat Wheelwright NSF (Bowdoin a sub-recipient of $649,469 Skidmore grant) Interbreeding, Femake Mating Fidelity, and the Major Histocompatibility Complex in Savannah Sparrows
05/21/02 Richmond Thompson NSF-SGER Vasotinergic Mechanisms Assoc. w/ the Control of Soc. Behav.
06/06/02 Peter Schilling Mellon Foundation NITLE Project -Learning Objects for Instruction in Game Theory: A model for collab. development of instructional modules
06/06/02 Mary Hunter, Tony Antolini Seth Sprague Foundation Music-Concert Tour to Russia - 2002
06/24/02 Bruce Kohorn Acquisition of a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscp.
06/26/02 Sherrie Bergman State of Maine/ Maine InfoNet Rare Book Collection
06/28/02 Marianne Jordan Booth Ferris Fdn. New Acad. Bldg.