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FAQ about grants at Bowdoin College

Searles Science Building Doors What are the grants offices and what do they do?
What types of support do the grants offices offer and to whom?
Who works in CFR and SRO and how do I reach them?
Thanks, but I don't need any assistance. Should I still contact the grants offices when I submit a grant?

What are the grants offices and what do they do?

The Sponsored Research Office and the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations are responsible for supporting all grant-related activities at Bowdoin. The offices are also the "official record keepers" for the College and oversee all record retention processes. Even if you are applying for a fellowship, and don't require College approval, please keep us informed!

Sponsored Research Office (SRO) - Faculty-initiated grants
The Sponsored Research Office sits between faculty researchers and funders, or "sponsors". The largest sponsor of externally funded programs at Bowdoin is the federal government. SRO works with a grants team with representatives from Academic Affairs, the Controller's Office, and the Treasurer's Office to ensure that faculty can do their research and that sponsors have the timely and adequate stewardship for the funding that they provide. Each federal agency has unique regulations. Increased breadth, number, and diversity of these regulations, the addition of administrative regulations and the increased volume of proposals from faculty were the catalyst for the creation of Sponsored Research Programs at Bowdoin College. In addition, the SRO Director will serve as a resource for faculty and staff that serve on Bowdoin's Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care Use Committee (IACUC), and Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) - Institutional grants
The primary responsibility of the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations is to seek and secure financial support from foundations, corporations, and government agencies in support of Bowdoin’s academic program and institutional priorities. CFR identifies potential funding sources and provides guidance in the development of projects and cultivation of relationships with prospective funders. We prepare and submit grant proposals for institutional grants, provide stewardship, and assist faculty and staff in grant management. The CFR office also facilitates corporate partnerships to meet the College’s priorities.   

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What types of support do the grants offices offer and to whom?

As appropriate the CFR and SRO staff are happy to help members of the Bowdoin community submit a grant proposal that, if funded, will benefit Bowdoin. The services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Prospecting;
  • Proposal writing (you will always be the expert on what information is presented, but often we can help strengthen your grant with suggestions on framing and organization);
  • Proofreading, editing, and providing feedback on draft proposals;
  • Providing samples of successful proposals;
  • Helping develop a project evaluation plan;
  • Assisting with electronic submissions of grant applications;
  • Connecting people on campus to others who may be able to serve as a resource (e.g., we may know of a faculty person who has reviewed for the agency to which you are applying);
  • Determining indirect costs and benefits rates;
  • Photocopying grant application components and submitting proposals; and
  • Serving as a liaison to the Authorized Institutional Officials and the Controller's Office.

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Who works in CFR and SRO and how do I reach them?

The offices are located in Hawthorne-Longfellow Hall, West Entrance. Feel free to stop by any time.

Grace Garland, Director of CFR (x3821), H-L 310
Cara Martin-Tetreault, Director of SRO (x3767), H-L 309
Megan Stelzer, Grants Research and Stewardship Coordinator (x3820), H-L 215

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Thanks, but I don't need any assistance. Should I still contact the grants offices when I submit a grant?

Yes. The grants offices are the "official record keepers" of the College, and oversee the record retention process for grants and fellowships. We can also ensure that your efforts and success are recognized in the Dean's Report or the College's Annual Report to donors and alumni.

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