Student Affairs – Student Activities

More than one hundred clubs and organizations present an array of programs, services, and activities for the College community and important extra and co-curricular leadership opportunities for students. Membership in these organizations is open to all students. Among the oldest groups are the Outing Club, the Orient (campus newspaper), and Masque and Gown (a student-run dramatic organization). Between five and ten new student organizations or clubs are formed each year. For a complete list and description of student organizations, please consult the Student Activities Web site. []

The David Saul Smith Union, which houses the Student Activities Office, exemplifies a small neighborhood block by providing services, conveniences, amenities, programs, and activities for the Bowdoin College community. It is not just a campus center; it is a venue for lectures, concerts, dances, and information, and a place that responds to the needs of all members of the College community.

The Smith Union contains the Campus Information Desk, the Student Activities Office, a game room/recreation area, Jack Magee's Grill, student mailboxes, the campus mail center, and several lounges. Also located in the Union are the campus bookstore, the Café, and the convenience store.