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Student Affairs – Bowdoin Outing Club and Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center

Bowdoin Outing Club (BOC) offers students the opportunity to explore the outdoors that surrounds the campus and the natural wonders throughout the state. Not just for extremists, the BOC coordinates trips for all comfort levels, experiences, and ambitions, and boasts more than 300 members. Student leaders in the BOC plan more than 100 excursions a year that focus on hiking, sea and white-water kayaking, canoeing, Telemark skiing, and rafting. The Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center, the 5,300-square-foot campus headquarters for the BOC, contains a large inventory of outdoor gear for student use. Staffed by three full-time professionals, the BOC offers instructional classes and professional certification in white-water paddling and Telemark skiing, and through the Leadership Training Program, prepares students to lead their peers in group expeditions.

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