Resources & Facilities – Information Technology

Bowdoin embeds technology within the fabric of the academic and social experience. Upon arrival, students, faculty, and staff have access to the latest software, informed consultants, and targeted training to take full advantage of Bowdoin’s technical resources.

The Chief Information Officer leads the Information and Technology (IT) Division that consults with faculty and students on their needs, and works in partnership with departments to provide innovative technological solutions. From classrooms to campus residences to the Coastal Studies Center in Harpswell, access to technology is everywhere. Bowdoin is one of the most wired campuses in the nation; next generation wireless covers the entire campus. The College licenses over two dozen software titles, many discipline-specific, providing students and faculty with the latest tools to assist with their studies, analysis, and research. A full-time, professionally staffed Help Desk supports Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computers and these software applications. A student-run Help Desk answers student questions and resolves issues throughout the day as well as providing help during evenings and on weekends. The student Help Desk employs many students during their tenure at Bowdoin, giving them opportunities to earn money while gaining technical skills.

The campus has twenty academic computer labs, a 24-hour public lab, and over thirty public printers. Additional resources available to students include Bowdoin e-mail accounts, network storage, video conferencing capability, satellite television, VoIP telephone systems, and voice mail. The College provides a free equipment loaner pool that provides video, sound, projection, laptops, recording devices, and digital cameras, along with newer technology for testing and evaluation. Other services that IT provides include technical, design, and project consulting. IT is constantly exploring technology trends while also adopting the best solutions in business and higher education to deliver easily accessible, secure, stable technology services.

If you have an idea or solution that uses technology to enhance the student experience at Bowdoin, share it with the Student Information Technology Advisory Council (I.T.A.C.), a student-run organization—it just might get funded.