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Joseph M. Herlihy, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.A. (Yale), J.D. (Boston University). President. Term expires 2014.

Harry T. Anastopoulos, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.D. (Boston University). Term expires 2015.

Janet I. Andrews, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.D. (Vanderbilt). Term expires 2014.

Eleanor Sydney Asbury, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2016.

Kayla D. Baker, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2016.

Sean M. Bell, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.B.A. (University of Washington). Term expires 2017.

John A. Bird, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.A. (George Washington). Term expires 2015.

Ellen L. Chan, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.S. (Medical College of Virginia), M.D. (Nebraska). Term expires 2015.

Joseph P. Curtin, A.B. (Bowdoin), J.D. (Boston College), Alumni Fund Director Liaison.

Karen L. Fuller, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.B.A. (Rochester). Term expires 2014.

William L. Gibson, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2015.

Margaret Slajchert Jensen, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.S. (Vermont). Term expires 2015.

Dotan W. Johnson Jr., A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2016.

Stacey M. Jones, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2014.

Sue J. Kim, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.A., M.P.A. (Columbia). Term expires 2014.

Dana E. Krueger, A.B. (Bowdoin), J.D. (Boston University). Term expires 2017.

Robert A. Kubacki, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2016.

Allan W. LeGrow, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.A. (United States Naval Postgraduate School). Term expires 2015.

Maurice B. Littlefield, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2014.

David M. Lyman, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.B.A. (New York University). Term expires 2014.

William R. Mason III, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2016.

William R. Matthews Jr., A.B. (Bowdoin), M.A. (Tufts). Term expires 2016.

Daryl C. McLean, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2015.

George A. Phocas, A.B. (Bowdoin), J.D. (Chicago). Term expires 2015.

John W. Pierce, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.D. (Tufts). Term expires 2017.

Peter J. Pizzi, A.B. (Bowdoin), J.D. (Fordham). BASIC Liaison.

Matthew F. C. Roberts, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2016.

Diana L. Spagnuolo, A.B. (Bowdoin), J.D. (Pennsylvania). Term expires 2016.

Thomas E. Walsh Jr., A.B. (Bowdoin), M.A.L.S. (Dartmouth). Term expires 2016.

Harris K. Weiner, A.B. (Bowdoin), M.B.A. (Bryant), J.D. (Washington). Term expires 2014.

David S. Willner, A.B. (Bowdoin). Term expires 2016.

Staff Representatives:

Rodie Flaherty Lloyd, A.B. (Bowdoin), Director of Alumni Relations.

Kelly Kerner, B.S. (Colorado–Boulder), A.A. (Foothill), Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations & Secretary of the College.

Faculty Representative: Ann L. Kibbie, Associate Professor of English.

Student Representatives: Marina Anastopolous ’14, two to be determined.

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