Neuroscience Overview

Hadley Wilson Horch, Program Director

Julie J. Santorella, Program Coordinator

Professors: Patsy S. Dickinson (Biology), Richmond R. Thompson (Psychology)

Associate Professor: Hadley Wilson Horch (Biology)

Assistant Professor: Erika M. Nyhus (Psychology)

Contributing Faculty: Mary Lou Zeeman

Laboratory Instructor: Nancy J. Curtis

Requirements for the Major in Neuroscience

The major consists of thirteen courses, including ten core courses and three electives from the lists to follow. Advanced placement credits may not be used to fulfill any of the course requirements for the major except introductory chemistry. Independent study in neuroscience may be used to fulfill one of the three elective credits. If students place out of Psychology 1101 {101} or Biology 1109 {109}, thirteen courses related to neuroscience must still be completed.