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Interdisciplinary Studies – Overview

First-Year Seminars

This course is open to first-year students. The main purpose of the first-year seminars (no matter what the topic or reading list) is to give first-year students extensive practice in reading and writing analytically. Each seminar is normally limited to sixteen students and includes discussion, outside reading, frequent papers, and individual conferences on writing problems. For a full description of first-year seminars, see the section on First-Year Seminars.

1010 {10} b. Health Care Disparities in the United States. Fall 2013. Stephen F. Loebs.

Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses

2401 {241} - MCSR. Gateway to the Digital Humanities. Fall 2013. Eric Chown and Pamela Fletcher.

Explores the possibilities and limitations of computation as applied throughout a liberal arts curriculum. Examines key issues in using computation as a tool. What sorts of questions can be asked and answered using computational methods? How do these methods complement and sometimes challenge traditional methodologies in the humanities? What are the primary tools and methods currently being used in the digital humanities? Examines these questions in the context of a series of projects. Weekly labs provide hands-on experience with the concepts and tools presented in class and an opportunity to work on the projects. Assumes no prior knowledge of computers, programming, or statistics.

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