German Overview

Birgit Tautz, Department Chair

Kate Flaherty, Department Coordinator

Associate Professors: Jill S. Smith†, Birgit Tautz

Assistant Professor: Jens Klenner

Visiting Faculty: Kathryn Sederberg

Teaching Fellow: Sarah Kissel

The German department offers courses in the language, literature, and culture of the German-speaking countries of Europe. The program is designed for students who wish to become literate in the language and culture, comprehend the relationship between the language and culture, and gain a better understanding of their own culture in a global context. The major is a valuable asset in a wide variety of postgraduate endeavors, including international careers, and law and graduate school.

Requirements for the Major in German

The major consists of eight courses, one of which is German 2204 {204} or the equivalent. One course may be chosen from 1151–1156 {151–156} and the others from 2205–4001 {205–402}. A course taught by German faculty in other programs may be substituted for the one from 1151-1156 {151–156} upon prior approval. All majors are required to do course work with the department in their senior year; the configuration of this senior work must be determined in direct consultation with the department. This consultation takes place prior to registering for the fall semester of senior year, which for some students means before they depart for study away. Prospective majors, including those who begin with first- or second-year German at Bowdoin, may arrange an accelerated program, usually including study abroad. Majors are encouraged to consider a number of study-abroad programs with different calendars and formats.

Requirements for the Minor in German

The minor consists of German 1102 {102} or the equivalent, plus any four courses, of which two must be in the language (2203–2289 {203–289} and 3300–3999 {300–399}).

Courses that will count toward the major or minor must be taken for regular letter grades (not Credit/D/Fail).