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Gay and Lesbian Studies – Courses

First-Year Seminars

For a full description of first-year seminars, see the First-Year Seminar section.

1016 {16} c. Christian Sexual Ethics. Spring 2015. Elizabeth Pritchard. (Same as Gender and Women’s Studies 1017 {17} and Religion 1017 {16}.)

1049 c. The Literature of Adolescent Sexuality. Fall 2014. Sarah Braunstein. (Same as English 1049 and Gender and Women’s Studies 1012.)

Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses

2001 {201} - ESD. Gay and Lesbian Studies. Every year. Spring 2015. David Collings.

An introduction to the materials, major themes, and defining methodologies of gay and lesbian studies. Considers in detail both the most visible contemporary dilemmas involving homosexuality (queer presence in pop culture, civil rights legislation, gay-bashing, AIDS, identity politics) as well as the great variety of interpretive approaches these dilemmas have, in recent years, summoned into being. Such approaches borrow from the scholarly practices of literary and artistic exegesis, history, political science, feminist theory, and psychoanalysis—to name only a few. An abiding concern over the semester is to discover how a discipline so variously influenced conceives of and maintains its own intellectual borders. Course materials include scholarly essays, journalism, films, novels, and a number of lectures by visiting faculty.

2253 {253} b - ESD. Constructions of the Body. Fall 2014. Susan Bell.

Explores the body as a reflection and construction of language, a source of metaphor, and a political and social “space.” Cases are drawn from art, sports, medicine, performance, work, and body aesthetics. Draws from and compares theories of the body in sociology, women’s studies, and gay, lesbian, and transgender studies. (Same as Gender and Women’s Studies 2253 {253} and Sociology 2253 {253}.)

Prerequisite: Sociology 1101 {101} or Anthropology 1101 {101}, or permission of the instructor.

[2266 {266} c - ESD. The City as American History. (Same as History 2660 {226}.)]

2402 {241} c. Victorian Race and Empire. Fall 2014. Aviva Briefel.

Examines Victorian constructions of racial difference and imperial relationships in literary texts ranging from the 1830s to the fin de siècle. Focuses on issues of representation and racialized identity; fantasies about nationhood and colonialism; narratives of “adventure” at home and abroad; and images of gender and sexuality. Literary criticism central to discussions. Authors may include C. Brontë, Conrad, Doyle, Du Maurier, Haggard, Kipling, Marsh, and F. A. Steel. (Same as English 2402 {242} and Gender and Women’s Studies 2402 {241}.)

[2600 {275} b. Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Eastern Europe. (Same as Gender and Women’s Studies 2600 {275}.)]

2970–2973 {291–294}. Intermediate Independent Study in Gay and Lesbian Studies. The Program.

2999 {299}. Intermediate Collaborative Study in Gay and Lesbian Studies. The Program.

[3100 {313} b - ESD, IP. Global Sexualities/Local Desires. (Same as Anthropology 3100 {313}, Gender and Women’s Studies 3100 {313}, and Latin American Studies 3711 {311}.)]

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