Cinema Studies (Formerly: Film Studies) Overview

Aviva Briefel, Program Director

Laurie Holland, Program Coordinator

Professors: Aviva Briefel (English), Shu-chin Tsui (Asian Studies), Tricia Welsch

Visiting Faculty: Sarah Childress, David Conover

Film has emerged as one of the most important art forms of the modern era. Cinema studies at Bowdoin introduces students to the techniques, history, and literature of film in order to cultivate an understanding of both the vision and craft of film artists and the views of society and culture expressed in cinema. Bowdoin College does not offer a major in cinema studies.

Note: the Program’s name change, from Film Studies to Cinema Studies, becomes official Spring 2015. Because of that, fall courses remain designated “Film Studies.”

Requirements for the Minor in Cinema Studies

Students minoring in cinema studies are required to complete a total of five courses. These must include Cinema Studies 1101, Cinema Studies 2201 or 2202 (History of Film I or II), a 3000-level seminar that must be taken at Bowdoin, a cinema studies course that incorporates theory, and a course in non-US cinema. Students can count one class for more than one requirement (i.e., a 3000-level course with a theory component). First-year seminars in cinema studies may count toward the minor, but no more than two courses below the 2000 level will count toward the minor.

Required Courses:

Cinema Studies 1101 {101}

Cinema Studies 2201 {201} or Cinema Studies 2202 {202}. (Both 2201 and 2202 {201 and 202} may be counted toward the minor.)

Beginning with the Spring 2015 semester: all courses formerly listed as Film Studies will be labeled as Cinema Studies.