Faculty and Staff Information

The Mail Center strives to provide a full service offering for faculty and staff.  Below is information you may find useful.  If you still have unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Mail Center via phone (207) 725-3302 or email mailctr@bowdoin.edu.

Addressing for faculty and staff

From off-campus – use the following format:

Name (optional)
Bowdoin College
#### College Station
Brunswick, ME 04011

Note: #### is the department’s assigned College Station number that may be obtained via the department listings tab of the Bowdoin Directory or directly from the department.

From on-campus – use the following format:

Name of employee
Department name

Department name may be obtained by consulting the on-line Bowdoin College Directory.

How do I get mail?

Mail and small packages – both from off- and on-campus - are delivered to most departments Monday through Friday.

  • The once-daily mail run begins shortly after 10:30 a.m. and is concluded by 12:15 p.m.
  • If you are unsure of where you should be picking up your mail, please check with your academic coordinator or departmental administrative assistant.

If large shipments are received for individuals, special arrangements will be made between the Mail Center and the department for delivery.

How do I send mail?

Mail and packages being directed off campus and to other departments within Bowdoin are normally picked up on the once-daily mail run.

  • Please ensure your outgoing items are ready to leave and at the specific mail drop location prior to the normal pick-up time for your department.
  • If you are unsure of where your outgoing mail should be placed or when the normal pick-up time is, please check with your academic coordinator or departmental administrative assistant. 
  • Separate campus from off-campus, domestic from international and sealed envelopes from unsealed envelopes, and use rubber bands to bundle when appropriate.
  • Small quantities of last minute outgoing mail may be brought directly to the Mail Center as late as 3:30 p.m. for same day processing.
  • If you are shipping items weighing more than 70 lbs. please have them brought to the Mail Center by placing a request via a Facilities Management work order process.

Mail Forwarding

Forwarding for employees who are leaving or have left the college are handled by the academic coordinator or administrative assistant at the department level.  Since all mail received at Bowdoin should be directly related to the business of the college, it is up to the department to determine what should and should not be forwarded.

How can I reduce the amount of unwanted mail I receive?

The following suggestions may be utilized if you want to attempt to reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive both at work and at home.

  • Contact specific companies you no longer do business with and ask that you be removed from their mailing list.  Many have a link for this option on the customer service section of their website.
  • The Direct Marketing Association provides a website called DMAChoice allowing you to register as someone not wanting to receive random mailings or email solicitations.
  • Visit the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse for additional suggestions.

Can I purchase stamps and other supplies for my department via campus mail?

Yes.  Stamps, padded mailers, and shipping boxes can be charged to a valid project number using the Campus Services – Supply Order Form.  This form should also be used to order Priority Mail and FedEx express supplies, as well as customs and certified forms for your office use.

Personal Use of Services

Payment for personal use of Mail Center services is expected at the time the services are provided.  Personal use of services should not be charged back to a project or fund number and then reimbursed at the department level.

Personal mail and packages should be directed to an employee’s primary residential address.   If the need arises that an item has to be sent to the college, please note the following guidelines:

  • Use the complete and accurate #### College Station address format for your department as listed in the department listings tab of the on-line Bowdoin directory.  This will ensure that items handled by common carriers such as UPS and FedEx will be delivered directly to your department location.
  • Please refrain from using the more common addresses associated with buildings around the campus such as ## Bath Rd., ## College St., ## Union St., etc.
  • If packages received at the Mail Center appear to be of a personal nature, you may be called to pick up the item.

Helpful Tips and Cost-saving Ideas

  • To ensure timely receipt of your mail and packages, always use the correct address format. 
  • Use the most cost-effective shipping method - USPS Priority mail instead of express, First-class instead of Priority mail, and Media mail instead of First-class.
  • Use the smallest package or envelope that is practical for your mail piece.  Whenever possible, fold your outgoing mail and use a #10 business envelope rather than a larger, flat style.
  • The Mail Center has a variety of recycled boxes for your shipping needs.  Stop by and see what we currently have in stock.  We also carry a regular supply of shipping envelopes and boxes that can be charged to your department if needed.  There are also free USPS Priority Mail and Federal Express envelopes and boxes available for use with those services.
  • Use post-cards for short messages or announcements.  The cost is about 1/3 less than using an envelope.
  • If you currently use Business Reply envelopes, consider using Courtesy Reply envelopes instead.
  • If you purchase 9" x 12" or 10" x 13" envelopes, order the plain white or manila, not the ones with the green “First-Class” logo.
  • To avoid potential damage to the envelopes and contents, use only ‘peel-n-seal’ or self-stick large envelopes, not the clasp type.
  • If express is needed, use the lowest level of service available to accomplish your delivery objective (two-day instead of overnight, afternoon delivery instead of morning).
  • Only request a signature on express when absolutely necessary.  There are extra charges for signatures at residential addresses and requesting one may delay delivery.
  • Fax the information when time is critical rather than use express.
  • Use interoffice envelopes for on-campus faculty & staff mail only (not for students). 
  • Save & reuse the envelopes you receive from off-campus (both small & large).  Reuse these for students, as they tend not to return or reuse the printed interoffice envelopes.

Guidelines for Addressed and Non-addressed Mailings to Students

It is important that you contact the Mail Center as part of the planning for your mailing.

Basic information

  • Minimum size - 3.5” x 5”
  • Thickness – no single sheets unfolded (must be at least a half-fold).
  • For mailings to more than 25 students, please submit the entire mailing in box order.
  • For special occasions where candy or food might be distributed, please discuss in advance with the Mail Center staff.


  • Addressed to individuals with name and box number on item being mailed.
  • For mailings of more than 25 students, please submit entire mailing in box number order.  If more than 50 students are in your mailing, please stop by the Mail Center and we can provide letter trays to assist with your preparation.
  • These can be dropped off at the Mail Center and will be processed along with the daily mail.


  • Non-addressed items containing identical information going to an entire class or to all students
  • A 24-hour notice is required if you are planning a student stuffing.
  • Stuffings are handled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • There is a $5 chargeback per class (ex. An all-student stuffing would cost $20).
  • Meeting announcements and special event notices should be placed on the Bowdoin Calendar.
  • The Mail center only handles student stuffings or mailings that are directly related to the business of the College.

How do I prepare a large mailing?

Our Lettershop can prepare and send out your on-campus and outgoing US Postal mailings.  We can work with the design team, ensure that your mailing meets all postal requirements and is mailed in the most cost efficient manner.

The Lettershop works in conjunction with the Copy Center, so it’s less foot work for you!

Visit the Lettershop »

Packing Tips

  • Use packing or shipping tape.  Duct, masking, cellophane, and medical tapes are not meant for shipping.  Packing tape is available at the Mail Center`.
  • Fill the box to the top or use packing materials to fill the void.  Pack it tight and full to prevent damage to the package.
  • Place packing peanuts, bubble wrap, bubble pillows or other soft packing material on all sides to protect delicate equipment (i.e., computers, stereos, TVs)
  • For international shipments, keep a list of the contents and their value.
  • Put adequate insurance on each box to cover the value of the contents (you will need to demonstrate that value if you have to place a claim, so be realistic).  UPS shipping includes the first $100 of insurance.  There is a small charge for additional insurance.
  • You need to bring your shipping items to the Mail Center.
  • We will help you label the box when you get here, so be sure you come with the full address and phone number of the recipient.  Place this same information inside the box as well. 
  • Make sure the box is adequately taped.  You may also bring it to the Mail Center where we have tape for your use. 
  • If you have a lot of books to ship, we can help determine the best value for your shipping needs between ground UPS and U.S. Postal Service Media Mail.