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Maurine Joy

Maurine Joy

Maurine was brought up in a military family and has lived in a variety of places around the USA. It was the military that brought her to Brunswick, and much to her surprise, she has made it her home for 25 years. She has always been very active, and enjoyed swimming and dancing as a child. As a young adult, she taught swimming and worked as a lifeguard. She also enjoyed scuba diving and did plenty of diving while living in Hawaii.

Maurine was introduced to the Pilates Method in 2000 in Portland Maine, by Hope Matthews, a 2nd generation Romana trained instructor. She was hooked after her first lesson. After a few months of consistent Pilates training, Maurine happily dropped the gym membership and started training to become a Pilates instructor. In the fall of 2001, shortly after beginning her training to become a Pilates Instructor, Maurine was in a serious auto accident. Although she suffered a fractured pelvis, many broken ribs, a punctured lung and internal bleeding and lacerations, she never required surgery and left the hospital a week after the accident! Just after 3 months of rest and recuperation, she was back in the Pilates studio to restart her training with more determination than ever. She attributes her speedy recovery to her consistent Pilates training prior to the accident. “It was just one more reason to share this form of body conditioning.”

After completing Power Pilates Certification which included over 600 hours of apprenticeship, Maurine founded MidCoast Pilates in Brunswick, Maine. She has worked with a variety of clients including actors, dancers, golfers, swimmers, performance artists, overworked moms and stressed out bosses, all while staying true to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.

”My goal is to teach the Classical Pilates method of body conditioning, while focusing on positive body image and rehabilitative benefits. Regardless of your physical condition, Pilates can help you take control of your body. I look forward to working with individuals to personalize their Pilates experience. Whether you’re young or old, Pilates will make it possible to attain your fitness goals.”

Maurine is a Power Pilates® Comprehensive Certified Trainer and member of the Pilates Method Alliance. Maurine continually enhances her skills through a variety of continuing education. She has studied with Pilates masters to include Bob Liekens ( 2nd generation), Lolita San Miguel (1st generation, taught by Joesph Pilates), Mary Bowen (1st generation), as well as Shari Berkowitz, and Amy Taylor Alpiers. She’s currently enrolled in the Masters Program at The Pilates Center of Boulder®. MidCoast Pilates is now in its 8th year as the sole provider of Classical Pilates training in Brunswick Maine.

When she is not busy sharing Pilates with students, Maurine enjoys cycling, running, and kayaking the beautiful lakes and coastlines in Maine.

Her favorite things include time spent with her family including her life partner George and her grandson Colvin.

Maurine’s favorite Joe quote: “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you’re old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you’re young.” ~