Lisa V. Blake

Lisa Bkake

Ms. Blake completed her Masters degree, summa cum laude, from Bangor Theological Seminary where she designed an independent study focusing on various contemplative and meditative practices through practical applications.  

She is the founder and director of the Maine Mindfulness Project.  A practicing Buddhist in the Mahayana Gelugpa tradition, she has studied extensively for over a decade with her root teachers Kachen Khen RInpoche Lobzang Tsetan and His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.  It is her deepest joy to bring the greatest benefits to people as reported by their own positive experience of meditation.


True presence is the birthplace of happiness, creativity, and infinite possibilities.  Breath is the gateway into awareness. Meditation supports physical, emotional and psychological health by introducing a technique to encourage relaxation and living in the present moment.  When we unplug, sit down and tune in the practice of meditation allows us to create and experience an awareness of the mind and body in an entirely new way. This class will introduce you to breathing techniques, guided meditation, sound meditation, as well as shamatha (calm abiding) and vipassana (insight) meditation.