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Leaders in All Walks of Life

"We see leadership growing out of encounters in the classroom, but also on athletic fields, in student performing arts groups and through community service work. It's a balance of the scholarly and the practical. I think that's what's attractive about Bowdoin to many students — they rub up against leadership every day in all sorts of interesting ways."
-Cristle Collins Judd, Dean of Academic Affairs

It's not unusual for a Bowdoin student to take a class with a professor of renown. The College's faculty includes a mix of nationally and internationally recognized scientists, scholars, artists and writers.

But students get an improbably practical take on the subject of leadership when they enroll in Angus King's interdisciplinary Leaders and Leadership course. King is a former two-term Maine governor who throws his own life lessons into the mix while studying leaders great and small.

"The first year I taught the class," he recalls, "every time I would mention one of my experiences as governor I would apologize and say, 'This class is not about me, but when we had the ice storm ...' Finally this student spoke up and said, 'Stop apologizing for being Governor. That's why we are in the class!' "  Read the full story

Outing Club Leadership Training, Fall 2008

Opportunities to Lead

Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring BreakAlternative Spring Break (ASB) trips provide a unique opportunity for students to participate in an intensive public service experience while increasing their understanding of significant social and environmental problems. read more »



Proctor and Resident Advisor Training

Proctor TrainingBowdoin has long had a strong proctor and resident advisor program which draws talented and dedicated students to work for the College. Strong professional leadership is now in place and has already developed substantially the residential life programming and the resulting sense of community within first-year dorms. read more »

Athletic Leadership Training

Captain's TrainingLeadership in athletics is not taken for granted at Bowdoin. The Athletic Department runs a comprehensive program helping leaders on Bowdoin teams to understand the importance of their role and how to do their jobs more effectively.  The program makes use of campus resources and outside presenters to help student athletes improve their skills in areas such as goal setting, communication, organization, and being an effective role model. read more »

Outing Club Leadership Training

Outing ClubThe Leadership Training program requires more than 350 hours of lecture, demonstration, and fieldwork. Students devote eight full days to training with instructors from Wilderness Medical Associates to achieve certification as Wilderness First Responders (WFR). read more »

Community Service Council

Community Service CouncilThe Community Service Council serves as an umbrella organization for over 25 student-run community service organizations. Consisting of the leaders of each volunteer organization, the council serves as a link between student volunteers and community agencies and provides funding for student-led community service activities. Advised by the McKeen Center for the Common Good, members of the council take part in a leadership retreat at the beginning of the year to explore ways to more effectively run programs, manage student volunteers, and meet community needs.  read more »

Leadership Development Series

Leadership Development SeriesThe Bowdoin College Leadership Development Series provides students with the foundation, skills and experiential opportunities to become strong leaders at Bowdoin and beyond. read more »

Student Activities Leadership

Student ActivitiesThe Student Activities Office is student-centered and provides students with leadership development opportunities via more than 100 student-run organizations and various types of co-curricular programming. read more »