Important Dates

The following dates for annually occurring events or deadlines are provided for general planning purposes and may change.

Fall Semester 2014
July 10 Fall semester 2014 bill available through the online payment system.
August 8 Student health insurance waiver deadline.  If you are a Bowdoin grant recipient, you may qualify for a health insurance aid credit.  Contact the health insurance office for further information.
August 8 Fall semester 2014 tuition & fees payment due.
August 15 Installment payment plan sign-up deadline for fall semester 2014.
October 31 Fall semester balances due prior to spring 2015 semester course registration in November (dates TBD).
December 10 Spring semester 2015 bill available through the online payment system.
Spring Semester 2015
January 7 Spring semester 2015 tuition & fees payment due.
January 9 Installment payment plan sign-up deadline for spring semester 2015.
February 1 Continuing students' aid renewal information for 2015-16 available online at the students' web aid portals.
February 20 Off-Campus Study applications for 2015-16 are due.  For details, visit the Off-Campus Study Office web site.
April 2 Current semester balances due prior to fall 2015 semester course registration , late April (dates TBD).
April 15 Continuing students' aid applications for 2015-16 are due at the Student Aid Office.
May 8 April bill payment deadline for Class of 2015 for diploma purposes.  (Final bills are sent in June).