Important Dates

The following dates for annually occurring events or deadlines are provided for general planning purposes and may change.

Fall Semester 2016
July 8 Approximate date fall semester 2016 bill available through the online payment system.
August 5 Student health insurance waiver deadline.  If you are a Bowdoin grant recipient, you may qualify for a health insurance aid credit.  Contact the health insurance office for further information.
August 5 Fall semester 2016 tuition & fees payment due.
August 15 Installment payment plan sign-up deadline for fall semester 2016.
October 31 Fall semester balances due prior to spring 2017 semester course registration in November (dates TBD).
December 9 Approximate date spring semester 2017 bill available through the online payment system.
Spring Semester 2017
January 9 Spring semester 2017 tuition & fees payment due.
January 9 Installment payment plan sign-up deadline for spring semester 2017.
February 1 Continuing students' aid renewal information for 2017-18 available online at the students' web aid portals.
February 15 Approximate date Off-Campus Study applications for 2017-18 are due.  For details, visit the Off-Campus Study Office web site.
April 2 Current semester balances due prior to fall 2017 semester course registration, late April (dates TBD).
April 15 Continuing students' aid applications for 2017-18 are due at the Student Aid Office.
May 5 April bill payment deadline for Class of 2017 for diploma purposes.  (Final bills are sent in June).