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Bursar's Office


These pages contain information about Federal Perkins Loans and Bowdoin Student Loans. For information about Federal Stafford Loans, you must contact the lender/servicer directly.

Bowdoin College serves as the lender of Federal Perkins Loans and Bowdoin Student Loans. As such, we are responsible for servicing these loans in accordance with Department of Education regulations.

Bowdoin employs a servicing company, Campus Partners, to perform billing services, payment processing, and document processing, among other things. You may obtain the most current account status and other general information from Campus Partners, but you will need to contact Carol Trottier, the Student Loan Representative in the Controller's Office, for special inquiries and/or arrangements.

It is important to keep your mailing address and telephone number up to date with Campus Partners so they can continue to send your monthly billing statement to you on time.

Repaying your Perkins Loan or Bowdoin Loan on a timely basis is desirable for a number of reasons. By doing so, you satisfy your obligations and can build and protect your credit record. Also, payments of principal and interest are returned directly to the fund to be used for current Bowdoin students. So, not only do you help yourself, but you are an integral part in the college lives of other worthy Bowdoin students.