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Off-Campus Study Finance Information

The items on this page pertain to the handling of finances for students approved to study for a semester or a year at another college or university. Also see the Off-Campus Study Student Handbook, pages 12 and 15-16.

Off-Campus Study Programs FAQ
Information about billing, payment, and student aid transmittal.

Health Insurance for Off-Campus Study
As when enrolled at Bowdoin, students participating in OCS programs need either to enroll in or to waive the Bowdoin Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan online at www.gallagherkoster.com. You may also learn more about the Bowdoin College Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan on that site.  Click on "Student Access" and select "Bowdoin College" in the drop-down box. If you have additional questions, you may contact Leslie Nuccio in the College's Dudley Coe Health Center at 207.798.4284 or lnuccio@bowdoin.edu.

OCS Disbursement Worksheet
This is an important document for students expecting aid or loan funds to come through Bowdoin for payment of an OCS program.  This document is located under the forms section of the Bursar's website.  Please complete the appropriate sections of the Worksheet and return it to our office address on the form by September 1 for fall programs and February 1 for spring programs.

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