Tuition Management Systems Installment Plan

Interest-free, installment payment plans are offered through Tuition Management Systems (TMS). The TMS plan may be used for payment during one semester or for the academic year. The payer will enter a total budget to be paid in monthly installments. Your budget is the portion of your semester bill you plan to pay using TMS.

TMS plan budgets must be established and payments must be on schedule before a semester begins to avoid an enrollment hold. Payments must remain on schedule to register for courses for the upcoming semester.

Payment plan holders are responsible for monitoring the student's Bowdoin account statement throughout the school year. The student will continue to receive a monthly statement from Bowdoin.

If a payment plan budget does not cover student’s account balance, the difference will show as an amount due on the bill.  The amount due is payable directly to Bowdoin prior to the bill due date. You may instead increase your budget to pay the outstanding balance.

If the amount due is listed in parentheses, there is a credit balance on the student account. The TMS budget may be decreased to avoid overpayment.

Please read our billing guide for more information.

Enrolling for first time users

Apply online at Select academic year and term(s), then click enroll.

Please calculate your budget using the tool available on the TMS website (see screenshot below). Once your budget has been entered, click submit.

tms screenshot

Select plan from the payment options available. After making a selection, the payment schedule will display. 

Enter student and payer information requested. Create a password and agree to Terms & Conditions prior to clicking submit.

Contact TMS

Call 888-722-4867, 8:00am - 8:00pm (ET), Monday - Friday.
If outside the U.S. and Canada, call 401-921-3999.