Student Payment Survey


The Student Payment Survey informs the Bursar's Office of incoming payments that will not be received prior to the bill due date. 

The Fall 2018 Student Payment Survey is now available. This survey is intended to prevent enrollment holds for students with unpaid bills.  

Please complete this survey only if your bill will NOT be paid in full prior to the bill due date (August 3, 2018). 
Families should complete this survey if you or your student borrow:
1. Federal Direct Loans
2. Private Loans 

You should also complete this survey if the following will be sent to Bowdoin:
1. 529/College Savings Plan payments
2. Outside Scholarships

Off-Campus Study Student Aid Survey

Student aid recipients studying off-campus for Fall will be invited to take this survey in June.

For additional Off-Campus Study Information please review the Bursar's Office Off-Campus Study Finance Information section and to Paying for Off-Campus Study on the Office of Off-Campus Study web site.