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Textbook Buyback

How much is my book worth?

  • We'll pay you up to 50% of the new price if the book is being used on campus next semester and the Bookstore has received the order from the faculty.

  • If the book is not being used on campus, but has some national resale value, we can pay 10-30% of the new price if the book. This is based on national demand, as these books are purchased by a used book wholesaler and not by the Bowdoin Bookstore.

Just bring your books to the Textbook Center in the basement of Coles Tower and we will let you know how much cash we can give you. It's just that simple!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are textbooks sold?
They are sold at the Textbook Center in the basement of Coles Tower.

Can I return a textbook?
Yes. All textbooks must be returned by the applicable date for that semester. They also must be in the same condition in which they were purchased and you must have your receipt.

Can I return a course packet?
Yes. You will need a copy of your course schedule (which can be obtained from the Office of Student Records) showing that you have dropped the relevant class, and your receipt.

Why are some course packets so expensive?
The royalty charge (which is paid to the author or publisher) is sometimes very high. These fees are determined by the publisher or author and the Bookstore has no control over these prices.

What are the differences between required, suggested, and optional textbooks?
A "required" book is determined by your professor to be essential to the learning that will take place in the course. A "suggested" book may not be essential but may be used for class discussions, papers, or exams. An "optional" book is probably not essential but provides a resource for further enrichment and personal study.