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Other Textbook Resources

Besides providing high-quality used and new books, offering daily and semester-end buybacks, online rentals, and the confidence you get from buying from your bookstore (right edition, right pagination, no-questions asked returns the first week of classes) the Textbook Center wants to make you aware of some other resources you might want to check out as you make your course materials buying decisions. Some of these include:

Money Saving Tips, Courtesy of Your Bookstore:

Buy Used! Typically, over 50% of the books on our shelves for the fall semester are used, and every used text represents a 25% savings over the price of the same book new.

Buy What You Need! Go to class first, read the syllabus, and purchase only the texts you're sure to want for your class.

Buy As You Go! The Textbook Center is open every day classes are in session -- buying books as needed saves money. If your class doesn't get to a certain text on your syllabus in time, you won't be stuck with it if you haven't bought it. Just remember to plan ahead; come in to pick up your book at least a week before the reading is due. That way, if it's out of stock, you're not stuck! As always, if it's not on the shelves, we'll be happy to order it for you.

Try Buyback! If your book is requested for use at Bowdoin next semester, we will gladly pay you 50% of the new list price for it in cash. Learn more...

Check out the Library! The Library is a great resource for reserves and e-reserves, as well as being a source for thousands of electronic books online. Contact the Reserve staff for further information.