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Excited to Leave Europe Behind, Grateful for a New Opportunity in the Tropics First Pioneers Arrive at Sosúa, May 1940
Taming the Tropics First Cheese Press
Baby Boom Settler Homesteads
Sosúa's Synagogue Hotels Crowd the Beach Today

Photo credits: Historical black and white photographs courtesy of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Archives. Modern color photographs by the author.

About Tropical Zion

Allen Wells

Allen Wells is the Roger Howell Jr. Professor of History at Bowdoin College. His scholarship has focused on modern Mexican history, especially Yucatán and he offers a range of courses in colonial and modern Latin American history.

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“[A] fascinating tale that combines a passionate devotion for one’s patrimony with the dispassionate critical perspective honed in decades of superb scholarship. It makes for the best kind of history.” —Robert Jan van Pelt, American Jewish History

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First Pioneers Arrive at Sosúa, May 1940

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Publisher: Duke University Press, 2009
Pages: 480 pages

ISBN 978-0-8223-4389-9 (cloth)
ISBN 978-0-8223-4407-0 (paperback)

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