Table of Contents

Introduction: The State of the Field

            Pamela Fletcher and Anne Helmreich

Section I: Structures

Chapter 1: ‘Florid-looking speculators in Art and Virtu’: the London picture trade c.1850

            Mark Westgarth

Chapter 2: Shopping for art: the rise of the commercial art gallery, 1850s-1890s

            Pamela Fletcher

Chapter 3: The Goupil Gallery at the intersection between London, Continent and Empire

            Anne Helmreich

Chapter 4: Marketing Post-Impressionism: Roger Fry’s commercial exhibitions

            Anna Greutzner Robins

Chapter 5: Strategies of display and modes of consumption in London art galleries in the Inter-war years

            Andrew Stephenson

Section II: Intersections

Chapter 6: The art press and the art market: the art of promotion

            Julie F. Codell

Chapter 7: ‘The Call of Commerce’:  The Studio magazine in the 1920s

            Ysanne Holt

Chapter 8: Decorative politics and direct pictures: Hugh Lane and the global art market, 1900-1915

            Morna O’Neill

Chapter 9: Matthew Smith, the Tate Gallery and the London art market

            Alexandra MacGilp

Section III: Negotiations

Chapter 10: Millais in the marketplace: the crisis of the late Fifties

            Malcolm Warner

Chapter 11: Branding the vision: William Holman Hunt and the Victorian art market

            Brenda Rix

Chapter 12: Negotiating a reputation: J.M. Whistler, D.G. Rossetti and the art market 1860-1900

            Patricia de Montfort

Chapter 13: Home from home:  some Australasian artists in London 1900-1914

            Pamela Gerrish Nunn


Glossary of prominent venues for the display and sale of art in London