“This is an extremely valuable book, indeed a landmark volume in the field; I don’t know of another like it on its subject.  It fills a large hole in the study of the modern art market, clarifying and deepening present understanding of London’s centrality to this network.  Its contributors offer perspectives on a wide range of issues, artists and institutions that will surely be of value to all students and scholars of the history of modern English art and its relations with Europe and beyond.”

- David Cottington, Professor of Art History, Kingston University London

“In The Rise of the Modern Art Market, leading art historians probe the systemic workings, dynamics, and implications of the late Victorian and early twentieth-century British art market.  Demonstrating that London more than Paris established the structural underpinnings of the international art market today, this ground-breaking interdisciplinary work is a vital resource for art historians, historians, literary and print culture specialists, and general audiences interested in the intersection of art and commodity culture.”

- Linda K. Hughes, Addie Levy Professor of Literature, Texas Christian University

“This wide-ranging volume opens out a field of study that has too often been overlooked.  The essays combine to give an illuminating picture of London's role as the centre of the early international art market.  This is crucial reading for anyone interested in the period.”

- Giles Waterfield, Director, Royal Collection Studies and Associate Lecturer, Courtauld Institute of Art