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Muslim Lives in Eastern Europe: Gender, Ethnicity, and the Transformation of Islam in Postsocialist Bulgaria


"Islamic studies scholars who increasingly focus on a wide range of Muslim societies in both Muslim-majority and Muslim-minority countries will find this volume informative. The author presents her work in an accessible fashion, and the volume will appeal to people with diverse interests."


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Table of Contents

  • Illustrations ix

  • A Note on Transliteration xi

  • Acknowledgments xiii

  • Introduction: The Changing Face of Islam in Bulgaria 1

  • Chapter One: Names to Be Buried With 34

  • Chapter Two: Men and Mines 56

  • Chapter Three: The Have-nots and the Have-nots 86

  • Chapter Four: Divide and Be Conquered 109

  • Chapter Five: Islamic Aid 130

  • Chapter Six: The Miniskirt and the Veil 159

  • Conclusion: Minarets after Marx 184

  • Appendix 205

  • Notes 207

  • Selected Bibliography 235

  • Index 243

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