Table of Contents

1. Nostalgia, Narrative, and Northern Civil Rights Movement History

2. "Pass Them By! Support Your Brothers and Sisters in the South!”: The Origins of Brooklyn CORE

3. Why Not Next Door? Battling Housing Discrimination, Case by Case

4. Operation Unemployment: Breaking through the Color pne in Local Industries

5. Operation Clean Sweep: The Movement to Create a “First-Class Bedford-Stuyvesant”

6. "A War for the Minds and Futures of Our Negro and Puerto Rican Children”: The Bibuld Family’s Fight to Desegregate Brooklyn’s Public Schools

7. "We Had Struggled in Vain”: Protest for Construction Jobs and Specters of Violence

8. "A Gun at the Heart of the City”: The World’s Fair Stall-in and the Decline of Brooklyn CORE

Conclusion: “Brooklyn Stands with Selma”