Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings is a major contribution to the field of modern American history and the history of the civil rights movement. Purnell does a wonderful job highlighting the role that the Brooklyn branch of the Congress of Racial Equality played in New York’s civil rights movement, from housing, employment, garbage services, school integration, the construction industry, and the protest at the 1964 World’s Fair.”
—Clarence Taylor, author of Reds at the Blackboard: Communism, Civil Rights and the New York City Teaches Union

"If you are going to read one book of American history this year, read this. Brian Purnell shows us the racial caste system of Jim Crow New York and demonstrates how a movement grew in Brooklyn around jobs, housing, schools and public services at the same time as the much more well-covered Southern civil rights struggle. Based on years of careful research, Purnell demonstrates that New York liberalism wasn't so very liberal when it came to movements in its own backyard. Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings will fundamentally change how we understand the civil rights movement as born not just in the voting denials, exploitative sharecropping and segregated buses of the South but in the segregated hiring, racial steering and unequal sanitation services of the North."
--Jeanne Theoharis, author of The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks