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Books written by Bowdoin faculty members continue to bring new depth and definition to their fields of study. With subjects spanning women's health issues, mathematical optimization, Lao religious practices, and Medieval portraiture, recently released faculty books are garnering international critical acclaim.

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“A landmark volume in the field: it fills a large hole in the study of the modern art market, clarifying and deepening present understanding of London’s centrality to this network.” —David Cottington, Kingston University London [The Rise of the Modern Art Market in London 1850-1939]

"[A] fascinating tale that combines a passionate devotion for one’s patrimony with the dispassionate critical perspective honed in decades of superb scholarship. It makes for the best kind of history.” —Robert Jan van Pelt, American Jewish History [Tropical Zion]

"The narratives are moving, and Bell's view of how individually and collectively DES Daughters have created an embodied health movement is intriguing." —DES Action Voice Fall 2009 [DES Daughters]