Letters of Recommendation

  1. The faculty welcome the opportunity to write letters of recommendation for their students.  In order to strengthen the reference and be sure that its finished in a timely fashion, please follow these guidelines when requesting a recommendation.

  2. Do NOT leave a request for a recommendation in a faculty mailbox a few days before the deadline.

  3. Make an appointment to talk with the faculty member writing your recommendation well in advance of the recommendation deadline.  At this time it may be helpful to give a resume to the faculty member that would provide information for discussion at  the time of your appointment.

  4. Bring to this appointment: recommendation form(s) on which you have completed the sections that you, the applicant, should complete (don't forget the waiver section!) a written program description (or job description, if for an employment opportunity) addressed and stamped envelopes (if the reference needs to mailed, rather than picked up by you)