Summer Research Opportunities for Students

***Fellowships in the Biological Sciences:

Students will submit two parts to the summer application to be considered for all fellowships.  Part A is due by 5pm on February 11, 2014 & Part B is due by 5pm on Februrary 25, 2014.  Email the completed applications to Julie Santorella,

Students applying for fellowships in the biological sciences will automatically be considered for all fellowships for which they are eligible. Please note that applications for Paller fellowships require additional materials, which must be submitted if the students is to be considered for these fellowships.

Paller Neuroscience Summer Fellowships

INBRE Summer Fellowships

Bowdoin Life Sciences Fellowships

Summer Research Opportunities outside Bowdoin

Applicants interested in any of the fellowships listed should contact a member of the Biology, Biochemistry or Neuroscience Faculty.


Jack Bateman: Genetics

David Carlon: Marine Evolutionary Biologist and Ecologist

Patsy S. Dickinson: Neuroscience

Vladimir Douhovnikoff: Biology and Ecology

Damon Gannon: Marine Conservation Biology

Hadley Horch: Molecular Neuroscience

William Jackman: Developmental Biology

Amy Johnson: Biomechanics

Bruce Kohorn: Cell Biology

John Lichter: Community Ecology

Barry Logan: Plant Physiology

Anne McBride: Microbiology

Michael Palopoli: Molecular Evolution

Nathaniel Wheelwright: Ecology