Student Research

Student research is an integral part of the Biochemistry Major at Bowdoin. Students work with faculty members on cutting-edge research projects using state-of-the-art equipment, and they are often able to publish completed projects. Biochemistry majors may work with Biology and Chemistry Department faculty who are not members of the Biochemistry Program.

2016-2017 Biochemistry Honors Projects



Arman Ashrafi '17 Identification of Mutations in the WAK Locus in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ryan S. Herman '17 Development of an alkyne-based therapeutic to covalently target bacterial pathogens based on their distinctive glycans
Anna R. Kaplan '17 Phenylisocyanide Ligand Synthesis and Coordination to a Cobalt Catalyst for Dimerization of Linear Alpha Olefins​
Thomas D. King '17 Investigating the Relationship between Transvection and Pairing in Drosophila Homologous Chromosomes
Emma R. Laprise '17 Intraspecific and interspecific variation in long-range control of gene expression within the genus Drosophila
Timothy L. Long '17 Characterizing interactions between the retinoic acid, ectodysplasin, and hedgehog signaling pathways during Danio rerio odontogenesis​
Jack R. Mitchell '17 Using CRISPR/Cas9 deletions to examine the function of glycine rich proteins (GRP) in the Arabidopsis cell wall
Emily M. Mumford Synthesis of Peptoids that Alternate Side Chain Chiralities and cis- and trans- Amide Bonds
Lauren R. Nguyen '17 Characterization of Reactions Responsible for Aging in Wood-Based Pyrolysis Oil
Calvin J. Park '17 The Hedgehog and Retinoic Acid cell signaling pathways interact to influence early Danio rerio odontogenesis
Kate I. Paulsen '17 Investigating the Potential Interaction Between Two RNA-binding Proteins, She3 and Slr1, in the Pathogenic Fungus Candida albicans
Alexander P. Poblete '17 Kinetics of Excited State Proton Transfer in Aqueous Reverse Micelles
Sovannarath Pong '17 Variable responses to multiple isoforms of a neuropeptide, C-type allatostatin (AST-C), by the cardiac neuromuscular system of the American lobster, Homarus americanus
Patrick J. Walsh '17 Characterization of the receptors associated with the differing responses to the neuropeptide, AST-C, by the cardiac ganglion of the American lobster, Homarus americanus
Jade L. Willey '17 Synthesis of a Phenylphosphabenzene Ligand to Improve a Cobalt Catalyst for the Dimerization of Linear a-olefins ​