Danielle Dube 
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Director of Biochemistry Program
Chemical biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry: chemical tools to target, alter and understand glycosylation

Benjamin Gorske
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bruce D. Kohorn (on leave for 2017-18 academic year)
Linnaean Professor of Biology and Biochemistry
Plant cell signaling between the extracellular matrix and the cytoplasm, the regulation of light energy transduction in photosynthesis and light sensing

Anne E. McBride  
Associate Professor of Biology and Biochemistry
The effects of arginine methylation on nuclear transport in yeast

Kana Takematsu  
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Photoacids, molecules which increase in acidity upon electronic excitation, are ideal candidates for controlled PT studies.

Stephanie A. Richards
Lecturer in Biology

Laboratory Instructor

Kate Farnham
Laboratory Instructor in Biology
Aimee Eldridge
Laboratory Instructor in Biology

Contibuting Faculty

Richard D. Broene 
Professor of Chemistry
Organic Chemistry, organometallic-mediated organic synthesis, lanthanide chemistry, and new synthetic methodologies

Emeritus Faculty

David S. Page
Charles Weston Pickard Professor of Chemistry Emeritus
Environmental Analytical/Biochemistry, enzyme chemistry and effects of hydrocarbons and other pollutants on marine environments

      Department Coordinator

Emily Murphy
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Department Fax: (207) 725-3405
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