Baldwin Program Services

Ready to reach your potential? We can help!

Baldwin Mentors: Peer academic mentors work with individual student to set academic goals and priorities, understand academic expectations, and develop effective learning strategies. Mentors are particularly effective in helping first-year students make the transition to Bowdoin's academic environment.

Tutoring: Content tutoring in specific courses can be arranged with the consent of the course instructor.

Study Skills Handouts and Library: An extensive library of study skills material including worksheets and handouts, is available in the Center for Learning and Teaching in Kanbar Hall. Mentors can help you look for specific information within our resources or on the web.

Assistive Technology: Concept-mapping software, hardware and software for text-to-speech and voice recognition are made available to all students on request.

Workshops: The Baldwin Program offers several workshops each year on study skills and approaches to specific classes or disciplines. In addition, faculty, student groups or organizations or residence life staff may request a workshop tailored to your specific needs. Simply contact us by e-mail or phone.

To learn more about our services, please stop by the Center for Learning and Teaching during our regular hours: Monday-Friday 9-5 pm and Sunday-Thursday, 5-10 pm.