Meet the Mentors

Meet Your Baldwin Mentors

Noah Gavil, 2014Noah Gavil, 2014
Major: Biochemistry / Minor: Music
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Favorite Study Tip: Self-reflection and knowing what helps and hinders you are great initial steps towards success.

Frankie Mennicucci, 2014Frankie Mennicucci, 2014
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Bloomfield, NJ
Favorite Study Tip: Look over your notes soon after class to clarify or fill in information you’ll forget later!

Cleo Daoud, 2015Cleo Daoud, 2015
Major: Physics
Hometown: Norwich, NY
Favorite Study Tip: Leave things at home that will only encourage and tempt you to procrastinate!

Emily Talbot, 2016Emily Talbot, 2016
Major: Latin American Studies/Minor: Education
Hometown: Sante Fe, NM
Favorite Study Tip: Mix up your study spaces, reward yourself after completing an assignment, prioritize work, and make sure you're actually learning something!

Natalie Smid, 2015Natalie Smid, 2015
Major: Biology and Gender and Women’s Studies
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Favorite Study Tip: After 45 minutes of concentrating, watch an Ellen DeGeneres clip for comic relief!

Adrian Moreno, 2016Adrian Moreno, 2016
Major: Anthropology/ Minor: Education
Hometown: Hialeah, FL
Favorite Study Tip: If you are easily distracted, do something to help! For example, try wearing earplugs in order to focus on what you’re doing and not others.

Isaiah Bolden, 2015Isaiah Bolden, 2015
Major: Earth & Oceanographic Science
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Favorite Study Tip: Get to know your professor early; use office hours or make appointments.

Megan Marr, 2016Megan Maher, 2016
Major: Mathematics and Computer Science/Minor: French
Hometown: Chappaqua, NY
Favorite Study Tip: Once you find a study space that works for you keep it up for studying only! Every time you go there your brain will know it’s time to focus.

Junru Guo, 2016Junru Guo, 2016
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Favorite Study Tip: Breathe and keep everything in perspective.

Sunnie Kuna, 2014 Sunnie Kuna, 2014
Majors: Chemistry and Economics
Hometown: Abilene, TX
Favorite Study Tip: Remember to take breaks!

Jake Moody, 2015Jake Moody, 2015
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Poland, ME
Favorite Study Tip: Use your most focused time to do your hardest work; don’t always start with the easiest.

Elizabeth Humphrey, 2014Elizabeth Humphrey, 2014
Majors: Art History and Visual Arts
Hometown: Vicksburg, MS/Calumet City, IL
Favorite Study Tip: Organize all midterms, tests & important dates on a calendar to look at in an overview.

May Kim, 2016May Kim, 2016
Major: Gender and Women’s Studies/Minor: Italian
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Study Tip: Make commitments to study with friends, to visit the writing project, or to meet with your professors to avoid procrastinating on larger assignments.

Rachel Pollinger, 2016Rachel Pollinger, 2016
Major: Education and Mathematics
Hometown: Holliston, MA
Favorite Study Tip: Discuss class material with other students. If you can explain something well to someone else, then you’ve really mastered it.

Lonnie Hackett, 2014Lonnie Hackett, 2014
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Bangor, ME
Favorite Study Tip: Stay active – regular exercise reduces stress and makes study time more productive.

Anita Shah, 2014
Major: Neuroscience and Anthropology
Hometown: Roxbury, CT
Favorite Study Tip: If you have trouble starting, make a study date with a friend and help each other stay focused.

Min “Ivy” Xing, 2016Min “Ivy” Xing, 2016
Major: Math and Computer Science/ Minor: English
Hometown: Guilin, China
Favorite Study Tip: Jot down questions while reading and go to the professor’s office hours to go over them.

Derrick Brandon Williamson, 2015Derrick Brandon Williamson, 2015
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Favorite Study Tip: Be cautious of working with friends. They can your best and worst study tools.

Kiersten King, 2014Kiersten King, 2014
Major: Classical Archaeology
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Favorite Study Tip: Take good notes and review them regularly.

Gaby Buentello, 2015Gaby Buentello, 2015
Major: Asian Studies/Minor: Biology
Hometown: Austin, TX
Favorite Study Tip: Find people that you work well with--sometimes, others can inspire your own productivity.

Nicole Ampatey, 2016Nicole Ampatey, 2016
Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Union, NJ
Favorite Study Tip: Never underestimate the power of planning.

Emily Salitan, 2016Emily Salitan, 2016
Major: Sociology
Hometown: New York, NY
Favorite Study Tip: Write a brief summary of every reading. This makes it easier to remember what the reading was about and gives you a head start when studying for an exam.