Wednesday: 11/15/2017

Express Meal

Southwestern Maine Beef Sloppy Joes(L)(H)


Potato(L)and Peppered Bacon Bisque
Roasted Vegetable & Herb Soup(VE)(NGI)

Main Course

Pasta Bar Featuring Whole Wheat Pasta(VE)
Southwestern Maine Beef Sloppy Joes(L)(H)
Broccoli & Cheese Turnover with Mornay Sauce(V)
Bowdoin's Lemon Garlic Chicken(NGI)(DF)
Masaman Coconut Curried Vegetables with Rice Noodles(VE)(NGI)
Grilled Turkey Reuben
Roasted Vegetables & Dill Havarti on a Baguette(V)
Sweet Potato, Pomegranate, & Crispy Quinoa Salad(VE)(NGI)
Georgette's Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad(V)


Steamed Carrots(VE)


Steamed Rice(VE)
Potatoes Au Gratin(V)(L)


Lemon Bars