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A Semester of Art at Edwards Center Open House

The Visual Arts Open House, held earlier in December in the Edwards Center for Art and Dance, was filled with the sculptures, paintings, sketches, books and videos created by art students this fall.

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2014 Winter Dance Show: The Student Clubs

The Winter Dance Show's first half featured performances by Shirokuma Taiko, Obvious, Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble, Polar Bear Swing, Vague, and Anokha. The second half was dedicated to Arabesque's performance of "The Nutcracker."

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Singing Tradition: Bowdoin's Annual A Cappella Winter Concert

Bowdoin's six a cappella groups sang both Christmas songs and non-holiday themed songs at the annual winter show.

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First-Year Students Complete an Action-Packed First Semester

First-year students are about to home for the holidays with their first college semester under their belts. What have they been learning, exactly? We took a look back at four of this fall's first-year seminars: Weapons of the Weak, Film Noir, How to Read a Million Books, and Personal Genomes.

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Bowdoin Art Activists Transform Local Rec Center

The student club, which is made up of about 10 active members, has just completed its first big project of the year.

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Bowdoin’s vibrant quadrangle houses world-class museums and performance venues all within a five-minute walk.

Recital HallPickard Theater and Wish Theater, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Studzinski Recital Hall, Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, Hawthorne Longfellow Library.

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