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Class Sessions in the Zuckert Seminar Room
The Zuckert Seminar Room is a gallery space and smart classroom in the Museum that can be reserved for the close study of artworks from the permanent collection that are not on view in the galleries. The Museum of Art has exceptionally strong holdings of prints, drawings and photographs, which are ideal media for teaching. With the help of curatorial staff, a professor generally selects up to 20 objects from the permanent collection that relate to a class topic. Museum staff is available for assistance throughout the visit, can provide teaching resources and can support class discussions and assignments.

The Zuckert Seminar Room is equipped with a digital projector, a computer with internet access, and a lectern. The capacity of the classroom is twenty students. To accommodate classes of larger sizes, we suggest scheduling multiple visits.

Getting Started
The majority of the Museum’s collection is not on view in our galleries, but most works can be accessed for teaching in the Zuckert Seminar Room. An overview of the Museum’s collections can be accessed online.

For more information, see Researching the Collection.

Scheduling a Class Session
To schedule a class session in the Zuckert Seminar Room, please fill out our class visit instructor request form. To avoid scheduling conflicts, we advise you to schedule classes as early in the semester as possible.

Recent Class Visits

Weapons of the Weak (GOV 1031). Barbara Elias, Fall 2015

Natural Resource Conservation (GOV/ENVS 2911). Divya Gupta, Fall 2015

Public Art and Social Engagement (ARTH 1026). Natasha Goldman, Fall 2015 (First Year Seminar)

Entering Modernity: European Jewry (HIST 1180). Susan Tananbaum, Fall 2015

Apartheid's Voices: South African History, 1948-1994 (HIST 1460). David Gordon, Fall 2015

Joan of Arc (ENGL 1007). Maggie Solberg, Fall 2015 (First Year Seminar)

Crime and Punishment (HIST 2511). Meghan Roberts, Spring 2014

Advanced Seminar in International Relations: Conflict Simulation and Conflict Resolution (GOVT 3600). Christian Potholm, Spring 2014

Environment and Culture in North American History (HIST 2182/ENVS 2403). Connie Chiang, Fall 2013

The Hebrew Bible in its World (REL 2215). Todd Berzon, Fall 2014

Making Dances (DANCE102). Gwyneth Jones, Fall 2012

Art of the Deal (ECON018). Zorina Kahn, Fall 2013 (First Year Seminar)

Introduction to Roman Archaeology (AH210/ARCH102). Ryan Ricciardi, Fall 2012

Material Life in Early America (AH017). Dana Byrd, Fall 2012 (First Year Seminar)

The Arts of Japan (AH272/ASIAN209). Peggy Wang, Fall 2012

Introduction to the Study of Religion (REL101). David Howlett, Fall 2012

American Art: Civil War to 1945 (AH264). Linda Docherty, Fall 2012

Printmaking I (V ART170). Mary Hart, Fall 2012

The Fantastic and Demonic in Japanese Literature (ASIAN246). Vyjayanthi Selinger, Fall 2012

Large Format Photography (V ART 280). Michael Kolster, Fall 2012